Cleanliness next to Godliness


Today is refuse collection day, they did not manage it last week I added a couple of bags this morning.  I used to burn my rubbish here until one old woman screeched and screamed at me not to as we now have a rubbish collection.


Women throw filthy water onto the streets from cleaning or whatever in the home.  Generally inside the homes here are clean.

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This is standard everywhere in Egypt filthy trash everywhere it would be so simple to create from the rocks and stones incinerators to burn rubbish, separate for metal and plastic as there are people who collect metal and plastic.  Even cardboard.  This is too simple to do.  Nobody tidies up but they add to the filth.  Evil spirits reside in all this trash.



The White Marks on the walls are what is known as Sihir in other words curses.  I complained to landlord about it he tried to tell me it was something else.  I told him I have lived in Egypt long enough to know what they are.  Women do this or they get children to do it.  They have no shame in doing anything.

The water to the property where I live, this has been done by small children nobody stops them.


My luck day, the neighbour across the way has thrown her dirty cursed water towards where I live, she has left me alone and focused on the Chinese Christians who live next door, she throws a lot of cursed dirty water toward the Chinese property.

This dirty water brings masses of flies, ants and mosquitoes.

Really you have to question the mentality of these people.  Complaining does nothing they have no shame nor will it change anything.

When I first went to live in Egypt I talked to young people there about cleaning up the stream which ran past their homes.  They wanted nothing to do with it as they said the Government gave them nothing.  I said we clean up our rivers etc because we love our Earth and want clean places for ourselves and children.

A couple of years ago the Government did a clean-up in Aswan, the military did a fantastic job removing the rubbish, planting trees, painting and repairing the side-walks what happened the people threw their rubbish all over the cleaned area breaking the plants etc.  Sick mentality.

I think this is all my grumpiness finished for now.




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