Unforgiveness — Spiritual Realities

By Kevin Riordan The terrible process of unforgiveness, and how healing begins. Forgiveness is not forgetting and moving on. Making the choice to forget about something done to you does not cancel out it’s affects on you. If anything undealt with wounds will become infected and begin the process of killing you from the inside […]

via Unforgiveness — Spiritual Realities

I strongly believe in forgiveness and practice it as and when required. Very true about unforgiveness eating you from the inside, it does the issue or issues churn away in your gut.   You may find this post of interest.

6 thoughts on “Unforgiveness — Spiritual Realities

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Umm there is a great need to forgive especially yourself for being involved in whatever the issue. Forgiveness is a form of release. Unconditional love has nothing to do with it. Unconditional love is accepting the person for who they are. Allowing them to be bad over and over is not part of it.

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