Where Do You Stand?

Where do you stand

Some people think we have a choice.  A choice of being bad or being good.

If you are a good person you have no choice YOU must follow the direct path from God Our Heavenly Father.  I appreciate it is not always easy everyone does wrong things but quickly checks themselves and steps back on their path.

Some people think it is all right to have a foot on the side of evil and on the side of good WRONG.  You are standing with evil for your ignorance.

Some people believe it is all right to treat different races, skin colour and religions badly and outcast these groups of people as they believe have no significance in the ways or laws of God Our Heavenly Father.  Seriously does Our Heavenly Father treat any of us differently NO.  Therefore you MUST treat all with respect as you do your inner circle of associates.

Some people believe it is all right to misbehave or involve themselves in evil acts of abuse on children, men and women when they are on “holiday” abroad because nobody can see or winess them.  NOBODY CAN SEE THEM…… what about Our Heavenly Father and assigned Divine Notetakers capturing and storing every evil deed you do to replay to you on your death-bed.

Some people believe animals have no Souls.  Well how ignorant are you then.  Many in the animal kingdom have great souls and wisdom and they offer a tremendous value to keeping the planet hamonious and balanced.

The only beings on our planet who do not have souls are evil people they have various forms of demons.  You have to learn to recognise these creatures which walk freely among you.


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