Today’s Blessing



Early this morning I was watering my plants, trying to grow them by recycling bottles.  I bent down to water some new tomato plants when this little fellow lept on my arm.  Colin I named him stayed a few hours on my arm.  I even returned to bed as it was cold this morning and too early to be out and about.  Ms T was very prickly with her reception of having Colin in our space basically ignored him.

Crickets are considered very fortuitous  or lucky.  They bring a good omen in life. I connected to his soul to enquire about his message for me. We had a long chat and Colin had no intention of leaving very comfy sitting there on my arm. After a few hours I returned Colin to the tomato plant he was not eager to go giving me a little nip before he stepped onto the plant.  Then Colin was gone.

Events lately seem to be overtaking me with sensing the elements which I always do and Colin’s visit.

I wish you all a blessed day, minde certainly started off amazingly.




5 thoughts on “Today’s Blessing

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    I never knew crickets were considered lucky. I get them in my house once in a while. I do, as I do with any insect that finds its way into my home, I catch it and release it back outside. I think this cricket was the lucky one to have someone care enough to give him/her a name.

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