Take a Look at a Moment in Time

With reference to my previous post Now is infinity I sat thinking about NOW.  Music started to come into my throughts in particular “One Moment in Time”.  I often look back at my life and see nothing and I very sure many of you feel and do the same.

I then put the question to my Soul to show me “One Moment in Time” when I was happy or felt some love.  This is a good exercise to do with your Soul.


Immediately came into my project view was when Ms T at three weeks old padded her way up the couch/settee where I was laying and placed her little paw into the palm of my hand.  The energy that came from her was imense and the love flowed from the small paw’s touch.  This was a beautiful moment in time and I would love to relive this time.

From this Soul moment, my Soul scrolled like you do on your laptop, pc, or mobile to another point in in my life time.  From this I could clearly see some other beautiful memories.

When life seems so hard and struggling to find a balance or to create a base to go forward from to build firm foundations there will be somewhere tucked away in your life  recorded in your Soul “One Moment in Time” you would like to relive again.

Why not give it a go or try?

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