Stagnating Issues


This post is not about points in time where life is stagnating and you have to make changes.

I am writing about our own behaviour which has created deep issues, stagnating issues from survival behaviour.

Sometimes we have learned behaviour which comes from the family environment and other behaviour patterns come from survival of life within the home, family, friends, and environment.  We do not realise we are doing it as it has become embedded into our personality this is us.

I have found recently on clearing a strong stagnating issue and these impact our physical being too what form do they take suprisingly enough constipation – painful process.

I thought I understood and knew how to deal with deep issues, no, new lessons.

The strong stagnating behvioural issues come from survival and it is how we deal with problems and people in our lives.  We apply the behviour pattern to the problem or the problematic person in our life.  Often this type of behaviour causes us issues we store them up within our body and spiritual bodies so much so they become compacted energy or matter.  These survival pattern have to go and we have to learn how to deal properly for ourselves in a good way so we no longer turn to the harmful ways of protecting ourselves.

We also must look at the situation or the person to analyse the reasons why.  I have always made excuses for other’s behaviour that makes me upset or is disharmonious.  This is a mistake.  I must know the reasons why they are reacting as they do.  Often it goes deep into the family forum of life.  Far more people endure abusive relationships in the family than we think.  Parental personality type can be to blame or it is a general way of behaving within that community and is accepted.

Good kind people can often lash out in pain their learned behaviour to tantrum when their life gets hard.  This resolves nothing but creates negativity and aggression.  I am learning to step into their personal space now to see what the triggers are.  They must learn to be more peaceful and see their life clearly before pushing the ocean of emotions out into the world and onto others.  We have no need to carry their extra loads.

These stagnating emotions and issues can errupt like a volcano.  I know I have been rattling about in my home exploding thoughts which have been impacting me they had to come out, I am alone but the home feels me.  I had to explode let out all the anguish, anxiety, the lack of tolerance on my part. As an only one in family can be too selfish in my wants.  I see my ego bouncing about like a huge ball.  I have to plateau, calm down and accept.  Look more at others and how I impact them or not as the case may be.

Old behaviour patterns create new stagnat issues also adding to the compact matter within the body.  PAINFUL.

We have to overcome our greatest fear and it is ourselves and deal with it.  Easier said than done.  NO real hard work this one definitely not one of your flick of duster solutions.

As always I am sharing this as I work through it.

I hope to help other’s on their journey so they do not feel alone or it is just them going through hell and back.  I am there with you too.

Β© 2019 October Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved



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