Oh The Rains – Healing


The healing was intense and I should have expected it to be so.  The next couple of days I was so weary and wanted to sleep but had much to do.  Eventually out and trying to feebly walk in Aswan decided to head back for home could hardly stand-up and was very unbalanced.

The next day I was irritable and legs so sore again could hardly walk and my foot had started to hurt again.  I did the daily housework basics and got the thought to use some salt.  I love salt it is very cleansing.  (Cooking salt here)

As instructected I lay down on my bed rubbed some salt on my crown or scalp and put a large pinch of salt in my naval/belly button that was the last I remembered for a few hours deep healing sleeping filled me. I had an irritable day and kept resting.

Today I woke up feeling good and started the morning with cuccumber juice it really bolstered me.   No sore legs or foot.  I feel like I can now take on some work and tasks.

The salt in the naval powerful healing give it a try!

The Power of Our Heavenly Father’s Healing – Oh the rains, the impact.

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