Oh The Rains


My morning started by being greeted by one grumpy cat she walked in shouting her displeasure for sure this morning and so early.  I put my hand out to pat her as Ms J rounded my bed.  Ms J’s coat was damp had a sprinkling of rain.  This foreign stuff was not known to her.

Ah Rain, Oh so welcome I got up to see the beginnings of the rainfall.  I was ushered by two hungry cats to make breakfast.  I enjoyed the rain.  Blessings from Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  Revival.  Scorching heat since May this year temperatures in high 40 C every day.  Each day brought punishment only the constant heat knows.

I pulled a chair out to savor the rain I so longed for the touch, this gentle touch our Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  Every time I saw I photo with droplets of rain I wanted this to flow over me.

I sat on my chair loving every pitter-patter dripping on me.  Allowing HIS caress to flow over me.  Refreshing and cooling the air.  Soothed by their loving touch cleansing me after my long time of endurance.  An endurance true of much punishment and suffering finally coming to an end.  Each drop was a personal blessing for me I sat entranced in the energy of pure droplets of soul love being sent by our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth’s Holy Angels whisking the the air and water.

It was a true Holy Communion in my own home I felt so close to Our Heavenly Father and His Grace.  The so longed for rain on my personal being and spiritual bodies.

Ms J relished every droplet as she joined me outside the pleasure flowed across her face.  Ms J often looks to me to understand life and when she could see I was completely enjoying the experience then so could she.  We are a strange lot but Our Heavenly Father we have faith and much soul love.

I strolled to the local shop and there as usual was an elderly lady enjoying the morning we both gave praise to the rain, I was so happy and so was she to see the enjoyment of being in the rain.  Bless this most aware woman.  A union in spirit and elements, a kindred spirit.

After I returned home, I lay down on my bed the energy was so strong it tingled and sparkled like electricity over my entire being and both Ms J and I were overcome with sleep and healing.  Deep, deep healing and the rain continued to pour down.  Really pour down I wished but not today perhaps another day.

The droplets had gone deep within me into every cell.

Oh how I love the majesty of Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth I can feel the ether from this magical rain.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville -All Rights Reserved

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