First Day of Relief

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I made a decision to go out I have not eaten very much for quite a few days a treat was definitely in order.

I was going to my favourite restaurant in Aswan, expensive but the best service and food in the city.

I sat in the restaurant not sure if it would be too hot outside as yet.  The soup was delicious and would have been enough to eat, as I am no longer eating larger portions no need for them.  The main platter came too much for me to eat the I ate  third of it delicious the waiter before I asked said would you like to take the rest home.  Very pleased I accepted his kind offer and the meal lasted another two for me and no cooking at home.

I paid the bill and was so drawn to sit outside as I walked down into the cafe area covered with palm trees the breeze just gently soothed me enticed I slowly walked to my usual table and sat down.  Ordered a Cappuccino sat savoring the breeze a gentle cool breeze caressing me and flowing into the depths of my being I sat for many hours in peace enjoying Our Heavenly Father’s touch and Mother Earth’s Holy Angels coming together to be at my side.

Memories came and went, like the young boys enjoying their time on the paddle board I remember well those day on the beach as a little girl paddling along the shore I could vividly see myself then.

I physically thirst to be near water, plenty of fresh air and sun.  I miss the winter climes, mist in particular magical and hidden.  Full of mysteries.


This sat in relief, laughing because someone has messed with my Henna it is too bright.

After everything I have been through not so bad hey.  Always looking upward to Our Heavenly Father.

Gratitude for the breeze Dear Lord the beginning of the reprieve waiting the rains.

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