Spiders – detest them 2 – the healing


At last the first wound is healing up nicely.  I have used Tea Tree and Myrrh.  My Myrrh I make Macerated Oils as you cannot buy Essential Oils in Egypt they are just scents.

I am grateful now to all the trouble I had with Egyptian Customs when I bought the Tea Tree Oil.  The Tea Tree Oil has been a boon a real saving grace.

I tried using Antibiotic Cream and Insect Bite Cream from the Pharmacy absolutely useless.

One of the side effects of spider’s bite is a staph infection I had a high fever and bronchitic chest infection.

I am used to healing things on myself quickly and my impatience upset me.  I decided the only way to heal my knee was patience and God’s way.  I used the Tea Tree Oil on the open wound and Myrrh.  They are rated the best natural cures for wounds.  Myrrh being the best for regenerating the skin healing.

I also got the thoughts to uncover the wound let it have air, this would be my choice of healing, the scientists recommended keeping it covered which I did if I went out of the home.  Bandage the sticky plasters created more problems with more sores to heal.

If one bite was not enough about two days later I got another on my foot same leg.  Things are really looking suspicious now as to what the bites really were insect or demon.

smartThis is the second bite on my foot very painful indeed.  A Doctor looked at it and said I required Anti-inflammatory and Antibiotic Cream, useless did nothing in fact made it worse.

I returned to working with my Soul and God with the Tea Tree Oil and Myrrh.  It is a slow process. The pain was so bad I could not even sit at a chair had to lay down all the time with my foot up.  I have been soaking my feet in White Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Myrrh three times a day for about an hour. This is helping considerably.  Below this is my foot today I have made considerable progress in healing it but still quite painful.


I found myself saying the “Lords Prayer” over and over whilst sitting in the foot-bath and reaching out to Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come to my aid and so He did with much gratitude on His healing and guidance.  At least I can walk now and clearing much negative thinking which accumulated during this time.


I had used the Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatory Creams plus cough mixture for the bronchitic.  They created a mind shift within me.  I became so angry and aggressive from taking these chemicals. No More.  Only the Lord’s way.


I have been taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C, 500 mg Calcium, and Zinc Tablets to boost my immune system it had become too low.  I have followed the guidance of my Soul and Higher Guidance. These have boosted my physical being tremendously but still not out of the woods I will continue with them until I feel my health has improved.


When life stresses us out too much remember the self-care.  Watch your immune system do not allow it to get too low.  This is when we are more prone to attacks from evil and to pick up diseases.  We are sending out signals to the demonic realms that we are weak.  Therefore, the onslaught begins.


Apart from my Pharmaceutical friend doing only what he knows at least he checked on me daily to see how I was.  I have had no help from anyone, not even to buy me food.  I have hobbled down to the shops for bits of food.  Finally, I painfully went to Aswan to buy good fruit and vegetables to help boost my intake of vitamins. I could hardly walk but hey this is what I have become used to in my life.  I got taxis and Tuktuk to drive me to shops I had to start thinking not of being economical but looking after me as best I could.   One saving grace are the local Nubian Drivers who go past my home to the Aswan Ferry always let me sit in the front of the vehicle without me asking. Often his mate or friend would have to sit in the back. Grateful.

Where God Our Heavenly Father can HE moves the right people in to help.  Grateful always for this.


Faith plays the most important part in all of this.  My faith in my own healing abilities and knowledge, more than anything my direct link to Our Heavenly Father for healing and guidance.

I have been a Natural Healer for more than thirty years living in FAITH.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “Spiders – detest them 2 – the healing

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    I have a lot of spiders where I live and I detest them also. I have been bitten many times, one in the face while I was sleeping. So I can sympathize with you. Never heard of tea tree oil but I am interested in finding out more about it. Self care is so important. As I tell my daughter, ” You can’t take care of your kids if you don’t take care of yourself.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Your absolutely right. I also used my own macerated or infused oil made from Myrrh and it is amazing. Do look into Tea Tree Oil great stuff powerful. I grew up in Australia and ran around barefoot all the time at home never got bit. Take care I also wash floors etc with mint. I make a tea with dried mint or fresh and add it to cleaning. Spiders, Cockroaches etc do not like the smell.


  2. Image Earth Travel says:

    Tea Tree Oil is powerful – we use it a lot in Australia. It looks as if the bite on your foot is clearing up nicely.

    Touch wood, I’ve never been bitten by a spider even though I used to collect Red Back spiders and their eggs in a jar when I was young!

    Liked by 1 person

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