Love He Asks


For me I feel love and peace only in nature.  People do not seem to be able to provide this environment Mother Earth is the expert as she maintains the vibration and sustains us all as best she can.

Love 2

I feel love from the plants I grow.  I am growing some Karkade in bottles they are forming roots and new leaves such simple pleasure and transference of love.


Ocean waves fill our Earth with love and Mother Earth Controls the strength of the waves not only does the Earth receive love and healing from the Ocean Waves so do we.  The strength of the tide indicates the healing energy being transmitted.  The Ocean is self-cleansing but for how much longer.

Love 3

Such joy to see love being shown between Lioness and Cub this is so humbling the power and strength the Lioness has and yet she has so much love and gentleness for her cub.  The animals of the wild have more understanding of environment and love than the people who are neighbours on the Earth.


Cats understand Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  My cats are caretakers.  The love and caring shown by mine to me I find remarkable, perhaps because I allow them to be who they are so we have mutual respect.  They know as I start to become weary and usher me back to bed to sleep.  There can be no refusal.  The small little cats are very powerful if you allow them to work with the Our Heavenly Father.

This is where I find and feel love the most among nature, this is where I find Our Heavenly Father in peaceful, clean surroundings.

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