Spiders – detest them

Warning Graphic Photos

Shopping in the Souq is normal for me from time to time insects bother you about a week ago something kept biting me and I tried to brush it down and away from under my dress not so easy thing to do in Egypt.   I really did not get a chance to see what it was that had bitten me.

I did not take a photo of the bite at the time because I thought it was nothing.


Photo Miloflamingo

This what the bite looked like when I got home on my knee no more than that.  I cleaned it and put some Tea Tree Oil on it.  Jobs a good’un, so I thought.  Next morning to my horror instead of nearly being gone it was worse.  It had developed a crusty ring around it and puss in the center.


The wound or bite had gone from the first photo to be as the above.

I washed it with salt water and applied Myrrh Oil and Myrrh Powder being one of the best wound healers for a couple of days. No improvement.

Edgar Casey recommended Castor Oil to heal wounds quickly.  I soaked some gauze as he recommended with Castor Oil and applied the bandage at night did this for two nights no change not even a little.


Yesterday being at a total loss as to what to do I made a salt compress and bandaged it and went to the local Pharmacy.   By the way one of the side effects of spider bite is a fever it can be and I had flue symptoms.  I did not realise I could buy the 1000 mg Effervescent Vitamin C tablets in Egypt what a good surprise.  I stocked up from the Pharmacy with bandages. Vitamin C Tablets.  I use Google Translate with the Speak where you speak into the phone and it translates into Arabic what a boon this is.  I communicated with the Pharmacist and also got some Antibiotic Cream and Insect Bite Cream.


Above, I had washed the wound with soapy water in the shower. After cleaning with Rosemary Tea and Salt.  Before applying Antibiotic Cream and Insect Bite Cream.


This morning after cleaning the wound the two black dots are the bite marks but it is beginning to heal.

I spoke to my landlord who is Pharmacist this morning and showed him what I had bought and the photos of my wound (remember I live in Egypt so he cannot look at my knee) and he advised me to only use the Insect Bite Cream as it has Zinc in it.  Zinc is good for healing Spider Bites.

You could say I am not one happy bunny at the moment.

The other good thing is Ms T who has been wanderlust of  late has never left my side I wonder if things had changed her but fortunately no.  Ms J is my constant companion and rarely leaves home I think she has found that outside the home is a bit too on the wild-side for her.

From what I have researched on Spider Bites they take some time to heal.  I remember a friend in UK one dropped from a tree and bit her, she did suffer for a long time with it.

I think it is about time something was done to eradicate all these nasties on the planet they are just annoying if not great health risks.  What created them is my question?

Take care with all insect bites they may be something more than you think.

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16 thoughts on “Spiders – detest them

  1. vicklea says:

    I’m glad that it is healing now. I had a spider bite on the back of my leg and didn’t notice it until that whole section of my leg started turning black. I went to the hospital and they diagnosed a staph infection and put me on really strong antibiotics. I was really concerned since a staph infection in her leg is what killed my best friend last year. Take care!

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