Bloating and Clothing


Very important factor to consider when reviewing your stomach bloating are the clothing you wear.  Many clothes are synthetic which means they are toxic to the body.

Synthetic Clothing are made from chemicals not natural fiber.  I can remember when we used to wear wool in winter and cotton in summer so much healthier.

The Synthetic Fibers cause many diseases and skin irritation problems from the chemicals they leach into our bodies.

I know when I wear some of the clothes I have now as it is very difficult for me to find good fabrics in fact only the worst fabrics you could think of are sold here, not the peoples’ fault it is the buyer’s choice some of the fabrics are so cheap they are like paper with no give in them.

After wearing these clothes or whilst wearing them my stomach inflates considerably in disgust of my wearing such fabrics.  I have found only in one shop cotton sun-dresses and bought two the same design they are so fresh and comfortable to wear compared to the synthetic.

Any item of clothing which is synthetic will cause problems with your health especially women’s clothing.

Take care with what you wear this may be adding to your health problems.


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