I have started a new phase of my life.  The move from the village where I lived I was surrounded by evil who took delight in plaguing me daily, unbelievable or believable the villagers teach their children to be evil, venomous and unkind, and I was their target.  My wise friend organised everything for me as they knew it was no place for me to live.

I now live in a small Nubian Village house, it is all right not ideal I see it as a stepping stone, though I find I am able to sort through the accumulated anger and suffering inflicted by the previous village.  The people in the Nubian Village are much kinder and helpful though it has not been without some problems from the children.  As Egyptian children believe we should give them money and they can be overwhelming and demanding.  The local community put an end to my problem plus I always have the camera on my phone open to photograph the children who come demanding money.  The Nubian Elders are working on stopping the children harassing foreigners and tourists for money as they want to encourage foreigners and tourists here.

I can now wake-up in the morning without feeling resentment or the desire to retaliate my neighbours this was a huge lesson on letting go and allowing Our Heavenly Father to deal with the people.  It was heartbreaking living there, I constantly had to keep myself in check.

The Nubians can be very generous and kind which I am surprised at this behaviour.  The Nubian women are more accepting of me than the Egyptian Arab women in Aswan.

This transition has not been easy I started in this house with young girls coming to clean.  I stopped this as they came in the evening and I like my home to be cleaned early morning so I can work during the day.  They would bring other children with them and they started taking over going into my rooms which is something I do not like.  I can manage the cleaning myself and I put my energy into everything I do.

I also had a man to do shopping it was a waste of time he bought me rotten food and spent my money on himself.  I hit this on the head and back to doing bits of shopping myself.  I go to the local shops and can buy the basics, I save money as the food is cheaper here and there is no choice, limited is how I would put it.  The shop-keepers are honest and kind this is all I ask for no more.

Regardless of their heritage Egyptian men in particular are always looking for something themselves and if they do not get what they want they stop being so kind it is a false front they put on.  I have learned to keep these people at arms length if not further so there is no misunderstandings.  It is important to have a good man friend who can take people to task.

I had to call upon my good friend to deal with the dentist here, this was the fourth dentist I have been to, this speak for itself.  Egyptians, many have no ethics or care about the quality of their work.  I had argued many times with the current dentist about his work, they do not care.  I had some veneers done and every week one of the veneers came off.  The dentist thought I had nothing better to do than visit him. MONEY is all important, so I asked my friend to come with me and he talked to the dentist and shouted at the receptionist told them I would not pay more.  I have not been back since.  Dentists and Doctors you have to take care.

Another thing to note.  Many of the people in the Souq like to befriend you and invite you for drinks and sit down in their shop.  The Egyptians believe having me or a foreigner sat in their shop or cafe will bring customers and give confidence to tourists to buy.  The Dentist also did this as the Receptionist always sat me next to her ummmm…. the number of clients grew considerably.  They did not realise I was often there due to bad work needing to repair it.

I have not felt like writing very much as I have been otherwise occupied creating a base to work or move on from.


I love the early morning star studded sky and moon which still lingers over where I live this fills me with much pleasure and acceptance.  I sit with my girls like we did many years ago when they were kittens enjoying this part of the day it was special for us and to revisit these times is so uplifting.

I love taking the motorboat or water ferry across the Nile River to go to Aswan the short ride is just enough to inhale the beauty and healing energy of the Nile.  A wonderful way to start shopping or meeting friends which I can do easily.

Aswan Commercial


Our Heavenly Father brings people into our lives who are better placed to deal with our situations than us and I recognise this and allow these people to act on my behalf.

Simply be you, live your life simply.






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