Enforcing Authority

leaking water

Leaking Water Taps

Why does everything have to be so difficult??

The Plumber arrived about 7 am this morning, I was lucky to be showered and dressed.  I asked the Landlord to replace the taps with new.

The Plumber came and “adjusted” the taps on the wash-hand basin that being he turn the taps off so hard I could not turn them on.  Eventually I managed to leaver them open.  The Plumber seemed to think this was all right.  The taps still poured out water.  The Shower came on with the lower tap, I said it was not good enough, switched over to the shower the lower tap still was running and not only that but the hot water system in the shower-room was leaking onto the electrical wire (which was not connected thank goodness).  The Plumber wanted paying, fair enough but I told him you want the money but you do not do the work.  I shout at him, this is not my true nature.  Talk about lessons in being authoritative.  The Plumber now working on repairing the leak.  I hope!

The problem in Egypt there are very few people who are qualified to do anything.  As there is a shortage of work if you ask someone if they can do A, B or C they will say they can do it and hope you do not notice the bodged job.  Most workers are only capable of working in a market.  They have no skills and they do not like to be told how to do things either.

Egyptians are very much like children and treat everything like a toy they drive me nuts at times and the worst of it they only take you seriously if you shout at them, this is due to the fact they shout at each other.  Not my style at all.

I will speak to Landlord later this morning and hopefully we come to some kind of understanding of the difference between new and repaired.

Well the Plumber has tootled off to get a part, which he would not need if he was installing new taps.

Leaking water is wastage and the Egyptian Government often cuts water due to people wasting so much, still they do not learn or understand they just get angry with the Government it is their fault.

I am a big support of conservation of resources so I find it annoying to have dripping taps which leak all over the floor and run into the shower-room too.

I am standing my ground on this.

Plumber just returned with new part and showed me the old part it was beyond repair, oh I wish they would look at the whole picture now Plumber agrees with me needs new set of taps.


Locks are so important, my Landlord has a good sense of humour, better than mine at the moment.  My front door key is stuck on the inside lock of the door cannot remove it, solution to this problem.  I was given another key to open the door from the outside of the house.  All was going well until yesterday the outside key got stuck in the lock too.  I started to cry I just wanted to go buy some food and take a walk in the evening.  (I do not cry)  Things just exasperating.  Then the key became loose and I could lock the door after I cried out for Our Heavenly Father to help me with this one.  Perhaps this was a sign not to go out that evening.

I had to laugh when I went to Landlords house as he went to lock his door the key got stuck.  I said you need two new locks now.

I find it difficult to speak loudly at Landlord as he so so kind and does his best all the time, he gets exasperated especially when he has just paid for a carpenter to fix the front door locks, now cannot get out or in.x The Carpenter will have to redo the work again and he is an aggressive person. I am looking forward to seeing him again.

I have to laugh as it can only happen in Egypt it is so surreal, the people have so many idiosyncrasies.  It is like I just cannot believe this is happening.  Believe it because it is!

By the Grace of God Go I.






9 thoughts on “Enforcing Authority

  1. simplywendi says:

    oh my goodness, i would be so very frustrated not to be able to find someone who could help me fix something that needed to be done. i guess you have to extend a lot of grace dealing with so many issuesl bless you………

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tebogo Precious Moholwa says:

    Wow that’s a busy interesting day ey.
    But even here in South Africa you’d find a person who says ‘I can do this and that ‘ but afterwards the mistakes are just uncountable.
    Lol be nice to the carpenter when he comes back 💛


  3. michnavs says:

    What an interesting day you have in there…i too am for conservation of resources and leaking faucets is a no no to me. Gladly though from where i am people and workers are very effecient and skilled. They really get the job done perfectly.


  4. IanC555 says:

    I totally believe you about all of it. They say everything happens for a reason, but it is sorta interesting that when I prey to the Heavenly Father that things come clear. Either the issue removes (the door gets unlocked) or I finally “Get it.” It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at times.

    You have a great Faith, Nanette…I see it all the time in your articles. Faith…the number one ingredient that is present when you see faith in another person is their courage; even arguing and advocating for yourself is faith…because there is courage. There is never promise of prevailing – but if you have courage and keep going then automatically a degree of faith is right there.

    I pray for faith a lot…and I pray for courage…just in case.

    I hope it all gets resolved…but it sounds like it is. I got you with me in my prayers, Nanette. Your faith and courages is really inspiring…and I’m still praying with you.


    Liked by 1 person

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