Sugar and Pain

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Sugar and Pain

I have found over the past few years food with sugar gives me cramps, not the tinglings in the toes but cramp where all the muscles lock up in my legs and cannot move cramp.

The pain is chronic to say the least meaning there is no way I can stand-up to try and alleviate the pain.  No Way is not an option, I have to stand up and this is so painful it makes me scream and cry out loud as I cannot bend my legs or muscles they are locked in a spasm.

What Causes This To Happen?

If I have a soda/soft drink just one no more, I know I will be suffering during the night.  Even cartons of “Fresh Fruit Juice” ouch there we go again.

The worst is sometimes, you know it I love desserts and I can make my own without sugar using Honey or Cinnamon to sweeten it.  I see one of those all tempting chocolate desserts, I had to treat myself.  “These are not treats” they are poison for the body if you are like me.


The ones with cream and ice cream to make it more tempting, well I succumbed the other day and it definitely is the last.  Agony that night the most difficult spasms or cramps I had to get out of.  I cried a lot and screamed in pain.  Lessons can be hard can’t they.

What do I do to alleviate the pain?

I drink a short drink made from 1 tspn Ginger Powder and Water as soon as possible which means getting to the kitchen to do so.  Usually in a most crippling manner not being able to walk as the muscles spasm.  Also I make a Ginger Massage Rub with any cooking oil.  Massage my legs myself and this works very well too.  It is a case of just grab the ingredients and work as quickly as possible.

Then I force myself to walk up, down and around my home and within minutes after taking the Ginger the pain disappears.  I continue to walk around until I feel my legs are back to normal.  If I stop the walking too soon, my legs will cease-up again very quickly.

I also do a stretching exercise, where I face the wall and stretch as far as I can up the wall gently stretching all my muscles in my body this is great to relieve the pain and spasms.  Believe it or not Ms T taught me this exercise and every day she reminds me to do this stretch.

If you suffer from Chronic Pain try to cut out sugar.

I have cut out all sugar.  I eat plenty of fruit, make my own fruit juices and drinks.  I watch all the food I eat when I am out, it is very limiting these days.  Especially where I live they are just catching up with the rest of the world on additives, flavourings, colourings, artificial sweeteners and MSG.  Moderation is not a word I would use with the local food or cuisine.

Try looking at your diet and remove the sugar.

I am not talking about diabetic situations but chronic pain.  Diabetics have to follow certain diets where some cannot have natural sweeteners. Diabetes is often under the guidance of the Medical Profession.  Do check with your Doctor about reducing the sugar.

Sugar aggravates cancer and creates blocks which stops the good enzymes getting through to nourish the blood cells.

This is based on my personal experiences over the past few years on how I have dealt with spasm pain.  It became more apparent  recently as I have focused closely on healing myself.

Take care in all you do.


The posts on the Puzzles of the Soul Blog are my own personal experiences in relation to the subject be it guidance, inspiration or quotes. These are my methods of Natural Healing, working  and channeling with my Soul. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences. I do not  state I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice. None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.  You are responsible for your own health, thoughts, words and actions.

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17 thoughts on “Sugar and Pain

  1. IanC555 says:

    You have excellent wisdom, Nanette. Seriously, I am gonna try this cutting out sugar.

    Have you ever heard of turmeric for pain? A good friend of mine really avoids medications, and before she had her hip replacement (near bone on bone) she only took very large doses of Turmeric, and she said it cut her pain about 50% (made the pain at least tolerable). One thing I also know about turmeric is (If memory serves) has one of the highest levels of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A in the body. So it’s a great source of this without needed to take contaminated fish oil supplements.

    Great article Nanette. I got my sugar challenge ahead of me.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      I love Turmeric but did not realise it was good for pain. I make Turmeric Lemonade good for the liver and anything else.

      I also take Turmeric if I suspect any food I have eaten to be not good as it is a purifier i,e, cursed food demons do not like it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • IanC555 says:

        Turmeric is in the Ginger family, and it is a powerfully energetic herb…super powerful. It is also a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory. It makes complete intuitive sense that you use it when you eat bad or cursed food (food made with ill intent, contempt or negativity) because unhealthy foods (Like sugar and spice not made nice) animals treated cruelly and then consumed; processed food ALL CAUSE TERRIBLE inflammation in the body; and disease.

        Turmeric is cleansing…and it reduces the effects of physical and energetic toxins.’

        You knew…you have a super honed intuition and wisdom about healing.

        I loved your article Nanette! Just loved it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • IanC555 says:

        she used dried supplements from the health food store. They come in capsules…I think 500 or 1000mg. They are over the counter and they are considered a food, so no prescription needed.

        The root is strong tasting and pungent; peppery in the raw form. It can be very overpowering when blended in a smoothy as a whole raw root. they look like grubs; not as broad rooted as ginger; just as strong tasting though but they don’t taste anything alike. Turmeric stains permanently if you get it on your clothing, so it also makes a different cloth dye. I can be added to tea.
        There is a lot of speculation that Turmeric is very good for people with any kind of chronic or auto-immune related disorders since these often are identified by severe symptom of inflammation; pain and swelling.

        That’s what I understand about Turmeric. I have some roots in my fridge, and I use turmeric for the reasons I described above. My friend told me about it years ago.

        Liked by 1 person

      • IanC555 says:

        …also…grating it on a fine grater will release the juices better and make for better bio-availability; makes the therapeutic elements more easily absorbed. All herbal medicines can have side effects too. Too much turmeric might cause stomach upset because its strong. I don’t think it is a common allergen, but if you do eat it as a spice and you don’t feel well after then don’t eat it anymore, and if you get a rash or hive, go immediately to a doctor. That said, I’ve personally never heard of any incident of it…but with anything, there is always a possibility.

        Mellon makes me sick every time I eat it (gag) but I love it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          Turmeric is strong on the stomach that is why I use about half tspn with 1/8 tspn black peppper to enhance its properties 2 small lemons to make the lemonade.

          All things in moderation and if you do too much then there will be side-effects. I love Hibiscus Tea Cold which is good for High Blood Pressure, I was so thirsty with the heat I drank too much it made me dizzy.

          I think it is good practice like you say if it does not agree with after eating something then avoid it again. I also go a smell. Smells make me feel ill so I will not eat anything that does not attract me to it.

          Liked by 1 person

          • IanC555 says:

            I forgot about the black pepper, but I just recently heard about that important piece. Thanks for reminding me. 😃


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