We Have Moved 2

We have moved and feeling so different only after a few days.  We now live with the Nubians in Aswan.

The Nubian People do not consider themselves to be Egyptian and have a completely different way of life and culture.  They have their own language. There music is the heat-beat of Aswan and they are very colourful in dress and life style.

The Nubian are renowned for their art work especially the murals both external and internal on their homes.  A delight to see.

The Nubians were moved out of their homes to build the High Aswan Dam and also the removal of all the Temples from their region and rebuilt.

This is just a brief introduction to where I now live.  The area within the Nubian Community I now live is known to be the most strongest of all Nubians, ah just what I really must have.  I feel very safe among them and their energy is comforting.

My cats have settled in straight away they come and go as they please, which is a great relief to me.

I have been over exhausted with the move and the stress of living in the other village. Today is definitely a day of rest.  Things move slowly here in Nubia. I have been waiting for about 6 days to have doors fitted, one being the bathroom, the door is here but no work done yet.

The air-conditioning needs adjusting as most of the time is on melt down.  Today’s high is 38 C I am sure it is much more.  Scorching heat walking to my kitchen.

I will write more about the Nubians and their culture as I learn and research.  This part of the country is well worthy of a visit.

I am really excited to learn more about the Nubians as I have an affinity with them.


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