Healing with Herbs 2

Mix Herbs


I am also managing to keep up with my Uncrossing Herbal Wash and I find it very effective.

Two days ago as I was drifting off to sleep after the Herbal Wash I felt an entity being pulled from my back.  It was taken backwards and to the side and still feeling the effects of removals the internal air bubbles so to speak around the throat and chest.

I was quite upset yesterday from being tired and the constant people coming to look at what still needs to be done.  I finally had my Herbal Shower Wash and went to lay down to dry off.  I could feel the aggression slipping away and a smile filling my face with my whole body cooling down and relaxing.  Every time my face tightened the smile pushed its way across my face relaxing me completely.

Egyptians have an odd lifestyle of time keeping, for many morning starts at 4. p.m. in the afternoon as they do not sleep until around 3 a.m. most days.  This means most work is done at night.  This is very disorientating for me an early riser and early to bed. Though I also have an unnatural timetable but this is around my own physical rhythms.  I can see the reason behind it all as at the moment the Summer temperatures are too hot to work in.

I can definitely recommend the herbal wash for uncrossing evil magic.

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14 thoughts on “Healing with Herbs 2

  1. IanC555 says:

    This uncrossing wash sounds keen! Do you make your own herbal mix? I’m really glad you are feeling better.

    The Energies these days are really super edgy! Being empathic (and I bet you get this)…It’s a constant struggle to keep yourself from being pulled into the vortex that the collective generates…all having their own “Attachments” hanging around and tossing pieces of shadow…casting shadows into the dynamo of life force that would keep us moving.

    I have some lavender out in the front yard. When My husband was leaving, I pulled a sprig and crushed it between my palms and rubbed it…and deep inhail which I also shared with him. He was afraid I was going to scatter the buds in his fretting washed and vacuumed truck…LOL. This is funny, because I put a sprig in his truck a while back, and it dried and scattered all over the car which is what he was referring to. So, I looked aghast at him and told him “Of course I wasn’t going to do that.” Then he said, the lavender smelled really nice, and so…our day began with the scent of lavender…peace and renewal of spirit.

    That work schedule you have sounds rough. I’m an early riser too…would much much much prefer to start my day as early as possible so it ends at a time I still have a good deal of light to play by before bed.

    Because you work nights, m’dear (it sounds like you do) remember to take extra good care of your self. Mind your nutrition; not a lot of heavy food during your work breaks at night because the body does a lot of cleansing at night while you sleep, and working nights causes the body to not process well during night time and can effect the metabolism; food digestion and hormonal balances (the whole body runs on hormones; not just boy and girl hormones but every body system has it’s own set) and this can stress the body, too.

    I heard melatonin during the periods of day sleep can re-adjust the body clock so the body is better adjusted to night life.

    The above is just rambling, but wanted to exchange or the great advice and example you gave. Let me know about that uncrossing wash. I’d love to know.


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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      I prefer early mornings they are good for me, but having to cooperate with the workers here I find myself staying up until 2 am or so in the morning. Yesterday got to a point where I could not do any more. I became rather grumpy with Landlord and such as I had gone to sleep, deep sleep and woken up to check where doors would be fitted and more artistic paint work to be done. I said please phone me first. They assumed because I was awake on the other days this was the norm for me.

      I have taken up different diet too, must write about it.

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      • IanC555 says:

        Lavender is SUPER CALMING and healing. We use it in hospice to calm anxious people.

        Is it more gratifying to make your own since you know EXACTLY what is going into your own healing?

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          • IanC555 says:

            OH HOW FUNNY! Literally…I guessed that…or intuited it! Like I said…your observed integrity is apparent, and I’m so glad to see it.

            Love it!!

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          • Puzzles of the Soul says:

            Like you so often say Ian, it is not who or what it is our integrity that is at stake if we use the wrong ingredients or give false advice. We are responsible for what we do and offer. It is up to the recipient to decide on their choice.

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          • IanC555 says:

            Oh…yes, none have spoken a truer word, Nanette. Sometimes I say this in the real world and I say it with passion and lightening in my eyes because I’ve been mislead…and I have mislead. The consequences double in the heart and fracture the mind and the spirit…the whole being becomes shattered, and so…NO…NO NO NO…No misleading…

            No…no no no! Be dynamic…express all the ways you can be. No one has to be just one thing or one way, but of all we are…or practice…and what we strive to learn and master…Oh…it’s ok to fail or be afraid of failing but it’s not cool to mislead someone into it by not being, at least, authentic about it…

            And at the same time…no one is perfect. I see why people say “Keep it simple.” It is the easiest way to stay in integrity…yes…yes yes yes!

            I think you said that recently…keep it simple.

            No truer words were ever spoken, Nanette.

            Thanks for that wonderful comment.

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