We have moved!


It was very much like the photo above.

We have finally moved been waiting since beginning of May.  You move in two days and this has been going on every week.  I went to see this house about three weeks ago and my friend said it would be ready in two days I said four or more days.  Well, we are here now and still work is being done.   Very comical to watch the different way of thinking.  I had unpacked all the cupboards ready to take.  The guys doing the move took the cupboards down to the vehicle and then refilled them with boxes.  Then they lifted the whole full cupboard onto the vehicle.


Health and Safety, What is that?

Nevertheless they were great people to be around, polite and efficient.

It is so different here.  I have people coming to help me without asking for money.  The property has a lot of potential with two inner courtyards.  Girls are coming to clean for me it is wonderful.  I kept asking Our Heavenly Father to bring me some help where I lived before and finally they have arrived.

My girls are very happy settling in quickly which is so important to me.

The weather forecast says 38 C it feels much hotter so work can only be done early morning or evening. I am getting sorted.

Amazing yesterday, I had a constant stream of women coming and knocking at the front door to welcome me to the area. They do not care about how I dress. Very different from the village I was living in where the women were cussing and cursing me.

I am being myself here.  I dress in sleeveless T Shirts and Sun Dresses.  Though I wear a jacket to go out as it is too hot and burn so easily must cover the arms.

My new Landlord is brilliant has a good knowledge of most things to do around the property.

My kitchen sink does not have a rubber plug, I mentioned this to my Landlord and he said simple. He took a glass and turned it upside down over the hole in the sink.  No need for plug…..Really


I hope he was joking.  Egyptian plumbing is not always the best.

The past two days have been exhausting and so many changes in my life in such a short time just trying to go with the flow.

I feel completely different now more energised and looking forward to creating something special here for myself and girls.

I still have my property in the village which is for sale and the right buyer will be very happy there.

Have a great day everyone!



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