Escapades of Ms T and J


This is my girls at our property in the village.

It was an ordeal for them traveling a short distance to our new home.  Ms T was sick and I had to wait awhile before I could clean her up.

You got to laugh all this time I have kept my cats indoors to protect them but I knew very soon they would be off exploring.  After everyone had left and we could settle down for some dinner.  Ms T jumped on to the roof.  Oh no, this was the first time she had been outside the home and was off.  What could I do nothing? Ms J was left on her own and not happy about it.  We both kept calling Ms T to come home, nothing.  I remembered reading about speaking to local cats to ask them to bring lost cats home.  I could not believe it a large cat turned up and I spoke to her to find Ms T and bring her home. Within half hour she came home what a relief but could not jump down.  At that Ms J jumped up on the roof and disappeared but not for too long she came back and had no problem jumping back into our home.  Ms T could not manage it due to her having had a serious fall at our last home, she was struggling and struggled for hours.  We encouraged her to jump eventually exhausted she managed to jump back into the home.  It was early morning and the day was starting to get hot, her state of health she would not last a day out in the sun.  We all settled down for the day.

The following night I was napping after an exhausting day of cleaning and arranging.

Ms J came into my room and said in a very worried tone.

Ms J “Hello Mum, Hello Mum, Oh No, Oh No, OUT, OUT.

I got up to look at what the problem was Ms T had gone off again for the evening and as I sat down.  There was loud yowling and hissing, Oh no, then a big fight.  Ms J started to cry and I did not know what to think.

I prayed to Our Heavenly Father to help Ms T and also for healing.  In the wee hours of the morning Ms T strutted in bold as punch not a scratch or mark on her. Relief.

I later got the thoughts from Our Heavenly Father my cats have been neutered so the are of no interest to the male cats and no competition to the female cats, therefore the fight was not between her and another.   Ms T could always out run her mother and somersaulting over her to avoid the fight lesson.  Ms T was just out on an adventure weighing up “Her” new territory.  Both cats are Egyptian Mau and they are known for their dexterity and speed being able to run at 20 to 30 kpm.  I now knew Ms T would be able to out run the local cats.

Ms T has a new attitude being the new girls on the block, like having an older teenager comes home to sleep and eat. Ms T is home within minutes of me starting to cook their fish.

Ms J has not left home since stays close to me always.

This was a huge lesson for me in learning to let go.  My cats have to have the freedom to come and go like the others.  They have to be able to stand up on their own with other cats and pets.

It has been a huge leap forward for us all.

We are all feeling very tired though more energised at times than before.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

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