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Is everyone doing just fine?  Most people keep it hidden especially the ones who suffer the most.

Struggling with the energy at the moment, whether you take it as Mercury Retrograde or your own reasons why life seems difficult.

This has been me for a while gasping to breathe not easy is it.  The funny part is I have no problem breathing.  It is stress.  Stress causes these symptoms.

I have read many of your posts, I read as many as I can at the moment.  There seems to be a theme among the posts and that is struggling with life, emotions and health.  I feel we are all going in parallel paths though not identical reasons for our struggles as they are as unique as we are.

Through the past few weeks I have learned more to open up the reasons or rather look into positive reasons why the struggling is going on.  Just like you, I have issues and waiting for them to be resolved and it is dragging too long.  You know what, the dragging on too long and waiting has proved beneficial, I have been able to find more things which require resolving not by me but another person who brought unnecessary problems into my life due to the fact they lied about their capabilities and hoped I would not notice.  They chose the wrong person as I am a perfectionist with extremely good analytical skills who sees all.  If I do not see, then God Our Heavenly Father certainly does, so in due course if I have not noticed, God begins to highlight it or bring it to my attention so nothing is missed.  I seem to be living in a chaotic ring in which maintaining calm and taking control is very difficult and I do it.  This makes me resilient and powerful in Our Heavenly Father.

What I am trying to say here is, if I can do this and keep my head above the ever changing flow of water so can you.  Tiring, yes, exhausting often.  You can do it.  I refuse to bow to other people only God Our Heaven Father.

I have people speaking at me in an indirectly threatening way, I just tell them to try harder as God is my shield in whom I trust. Oh they do try and my resilience just gets stronger.  As I said I refuse to bow, to lower myself down to their standards.  Our Heavenly Father made me resilient, empowered me with strength to face another day.

All of this happening and doing personal healing (this is part of it) at the same time I prefer to isolate myself from the riffraff of this world.

Though I am stepping out more often as I have acquired some friends and people who are like minded, not necessarily spiritual or religion in that they are kind and generous, this means a lot to me.  It takes time to get to know people and they me.  I value their friendship and support they have given me through harder times than this, when you are at a lowest point this is where you find the truth in your life and who are worth knowing when life gets easier and better.

If your life is a struggle, you be aware of things lightening up around you soon, it has to and the more you look for the positive reasons to your struggle it will be easier to accept and soon the struggle starts to disappear, it may try to sneak in again be watchful and fill the gaps in your life with JOY.  Joy is a divine energy which can be pulled into your body through visualisation.  If you leave gaps in your physical or spiritual bodies they will quickly fill up with negativity.  Take care.

These days we seem to have much to do in self-care, be it physical, emotional and spiritual.  I find if I take care of the spiritual it usually helps with the rest.

Try to turn your struggling around look for the positive.

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