Healing with Herbs


I love to do healing all my training is done with Our Heavenly Father, Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother and my Soul.

Of course who is the guinea pig, myself.  I have to trial all healing techniques on myself first so I know they are valid and work.

I have done a lot of clearing evil magic it seems to be rife these days or perhaps I should say it has always been so at least since the arrival and integration of evil on our Earth.

I always recommend to seek help through prayer for any problem though sometimes you may be afraid to do what the Heavenly Father may ask of you.

Yesterday I found myself researching herbal medicine and remedies for curses, hexes, evil magic, I say evil magic as in some countries Black Magic just refers to hidden or unseen practices and they may be good or evil.

Our Heavenly Father wanted me to try something different.  Many years ago I was very much interested in using herbs and spices to heal and do evil removals.  After choosing to move closer to Our Heavenly Father I stopped all theses practices why?  Mother Earth our Earthly Mother and Our Heavenly Father manifested the herbs, for why? what reason?

Herbs and Spices are to be used for medicinal cures, natural healing.  Therefore, why should it be a bad thing?

The bad or evil thing in all of this is down to the practitioner, their belief system.  Those who are satanic will use anything for evil.

There are many good practitioners who prefer to work with nature, that is right Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother  and then there are those of which the numbers are growing who prefer to work with Our Heavenly Father, Mother Earth, Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Holy Angels plus herbal medicine and natural forms of healing.  The latter is my preference.

On being guided by my soul I went with a long list of dried herbs to purchase from my herbalist.  I am friends with them as I go nearly every week to buy something.  Yesterday my list was long and the assistant of the owners was helping me.  One of the owners started to laugh as he saw my collection of dried herbs, I asked the assistant does the owner know what it is for.  Yes, it is very common in Egypt that people require some of these herbs, due to all the evil magic people do.  People are very aware here and know to go to the herbalist for advice.  They also have a large stock of incense not the kind you buy in packets of joss sticks, real incense especially for problems with evil magic and people.

My reason for buying such was not just for the evil magic here but also to uncross or remove any ancestry/inherited curses and evil magic.  I have done a great deal of work on myself many years but felt there was something not right.

I followed the instructions from the Scarlet Grace’s website link below.  I researched many yesterday and found this one was in agreement of my beliefs.

How To Create Your Own Effective Uncrossing Bath

As the herbs steeped I could feel the effects from the vapor or steam as I waited for them to cool.  I became aware of something stuck in my chest and throat.  I could see evil or negative beings and energy leaving me and my home.

After bathing with the strained herbal wash as recommended I let it dry on my skin.  Again I became aware of something in my chest and throat gradually my own energy began to soften and lighten.  I also sanctified my property with it too.

As Scarlet Grace recommends to use this regularly especially after doing any spiritual work to clear off any negativity or entities (spirits).  I used to use Sea Salt to wash down as and when I felt I required it.  I have not until yesterday found it. Language Problems.  My herbalist has a good stock of sea salt in a large tub.  I am so happy now.

After the first wash, I would now recommend weekly as a maximum or monthly as a minimum.  There is so much evil in the world not just those who actively work with spiritual energy every one needs to cleanse off.

Majority of people who have been targeted by those who practice evil magic are complete unaware except their life starts to seriously go awry.  I certainly was completely unaware until I was in my early 30s and I did seek help from clairvoyants and they had no idea what to do.  They should know, it has to be one of the first things to learn.  I went to the Christian Spiritualist Church only to find there were some very good Christians there but a whole lot more evil practitioners went to target more innocents.  The Church was the place to go if you had spirit problems, required healing or seeking solace.  The Church I went to had some amazing healers working there.

Herbalism fits easily into the practices of any religion and using herbs is not forbidden.  The practices of evil are forbidden as they harm innocent people, animals and places.

Give it a try you may find it helpful.

Have you used Uncrossing Bath?

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8 thoughts on “Healing with Herbs

  1. IanC555 says:

    Super informative, Nanette! Sometimes I use the Pink Himalayan Salk in my bath just because I have heard salt is cleansing. Does it matter what type of salt anyone may use? I heard the pink salt has a lot of elements, and it’s very ancient. I use sea salt and Epsom salts, too. I’ve noticed when I put salt in my bath, the water’s heat has a very different quality; seems to be more penetrating and the heat last much longer.

    The only actual herbs I use therapeutically are lavender. Some times, I’ve used sage smudging in my home…with prayer of course. I pray over most all my food; sometimes when I’m preparing it.

    There is a lot of evil and bad intention in the world, and ill intent, to me…is like the primary element that empowrs and binds a curse to words and actions. But this is as far as I am aware of “Curses” and “magic.” I know this is just the primary aspect, but I do believe in the deeper implications…and I am aware of those, too.

    Your work is valued, and it is such an honor that you share your work. Thanks so much for all you do, Nanette!

    Peace…clear heart, mind and spirit to you in shared faith.

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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Thanks Ian, the salt I believe is from Siwa in the North of Egypt they have hotels made from salt which I am keen to go see and experience.

      I pray over everything I do and ask God to bless whatever I do.

      Bless my food too and keep a peaceful and loving attitude when cooking.

      I believe I am being taught here that they element with which the curse or evil magic was created is primal and so it requires similar energy to remove or uncross it especially if it is ancestry cursing it goes back generations.

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      • IanC555 says:

        Yes, I have heard about what you speak of. Sometimes, I feel an attachment to a history…like a long tether I sense that stretches way back, and it feels very negative, but…It stops with me, because I do not want and do not have children, and I feel that history resolving in me.

        Both my parents bemoaned I would not have children, but I KNEW…I knew that history we share and was attached through them to me; both sides, would end…or be diluted in the world because I am working with it to weaken it.

        The “Curse” is a deep one, But all things are possible Through The Christ Spirit, and there are so many empowering ways to work with that because it works through our own works and means; makes our tools holy and a blessing.

        This is how I see your work! I’m glad you don’t hide your talent under a bushel, but instead you let your light shine to banish the darkness.

        Thanks for all you do!

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        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          A wise decision not to have children and it stops the curses and the fact you are working on them in your way to weaken and remove them. Too many people are obsessed with having children and all too often it perpetuates inherited evil magic. It is not so important as to work in accordance to God.

          I share my work in the hope to help someone else on their journey. Life has been really difficult and hard for me, I would love to have the knowledge I have learned years ago. Fear was a big thing with me.

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          • IanC555 says:

            Well…it seems you are lacking in courage…and faith. I suspect you are getting where you need to be, and that is a good thing..hard though.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Puzzles of the Soul says:

            Years ago I was afraid to do certain things. My faith is very strong and I follow God’s guidance always. Courage now then, there’s point. Living where I do I have to have lots of courage just to step out the door.

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