What Am I Doing Now?



I have decided to make a concerted effort to be more sociable with people.  It has been really difficult especially in the village I currently live.  I used to be exhausted by the time I arrived in Aswan on the local transport from listening to the barrage insults being hurled at me.  Then the return journey I would be completely drained.

How did I find out they were insulting me?  I could feel their energy and facial expressions said much with or without the niqab. I looked up on a English/Egyptian Arabic Dictionary, on the Internet in English of course and looked up all the insulting words you could call a woman. I learned the Egyptian Arabic and how to pronounce them.  Now I recognised what they were calling me, you would not think it could happen, well believe it.

I refused to talk to anyone from the village where I live and people in Aswan refused to speak to me because of where I lived.  Wonderful life stuck in the middle.

In preparation for moving away, I am trying to open up and talk more.

I started to chat with the Receptionist at the Dentist on a subject all young women love and that is beauty treatments.  I would say now I am an expert at this especially with natural products. I have had many years of researching this I started at about 12 years old.  I make my own natural products and have an excellent knowledge on what and how to use, make these products and teach how to do this  for themselves.  I managed to talk with the Receptionist with my limited Arabic and the help of Google Translate and my miming of how to use or apply the products.  There are no language barriers only people’s attitudes.

Changing the way I behave is on my current list to do.  I am looking at where I am not being adaptable enough or welcoming due to the bad behaviour of others and not having the vocabulary to deal with people, so they get away with being insulting which many Egyptian women have down to a fine art and this is not solely directed at me they apply this to all other women be them Egyptian or foreign.

I put the thoughts out to seek kinder women here as Our Heavenly Father seems to be keeping me here for a reason.  I have noticed recently I am encountering kinder Egyptian women.  I try to remember people’s names as I found the women’s names in particular to be very difficult to say.  I have remembered the Dental Nurses and Receptionist names and greet them accordingly. I have taken the first steps. Life can only get easier.

As I work on different areas of my out mode way of doing and responding to things I will write about it.

Why not take a look at the areas in your life which need to be changed and released?

What unnecessary baggage are you carrying?

All of your out moded ways of being have to go they are holding you back.  During this Mercury Retrograde it is the prime focus to reformat your foundations in life. Create a strong and secure base to work from in the next phase of your life.

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19 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Now?

  1. howikilledbetty says:

    Well done you! It sounds very difficult but I’m so impressed by the way that you are trying so hard to be positive and working to improve things for yourself. Keep on going … we all think you’re fabulous! Katie

    Liked by 2 people

  2. IanC555 says:

    You know, Nanette? I’m gonna join you on this endeavor, because I really need to start doing more of the same thing. This is wonderful what has come your way; finally meeting kinder women as you asked for it, and there it is. It’s so inspiriting…I meaning Inspiring!

    I’m gonna do this with you. It is hard to look hateful mean people in the eye, but…I’m gonna try to be kinder myself in their presence.

    Thanks for such great advice!!

    Liked by 1 person

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