Always Someone Better Placed

Help me

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Always Someone Better Placed

Just like everyone is having to endure the endless evil attacks in whatever form they take.

I started to ask the Heavenly Father to bring me someone who is better placed than me in dealing with my situation, I ask this when I have attempted to resolve the problem myself.

So far so good and you never know who will be brought in to help you.

Yesterday I was at the Dentist to have my veneer checked.  The Dentist had a problem outside his surgery and was late.  I sat peacefully minding my own business especially as there were two from the village where I live, they had come in to see what I was doing.  Another young woman came and she started speaking rudely about me and joining in with the two from my village. (I understand a lot of Arabic but I do not speak it)  The people from the village I live in are known for being bad shall we say.

I was first to be called into see the Dentist simply because I had an appointment everyone else had gone on spec.  As I walked into the Dentist’s room I spoke in Arabic to the young women, I said you are bad, at that she sat up and closed her mouth.

Today I went for more work to be done on my veneer.  I sat with the receptionist and I am really trying to be more sociable and speaking what I can in Arabic.  I asked her about the young woman yesterday if she was a client or staff.  The receptionist said she was a client and from the village where I lived and the receptionist did not like how she was speaking about me to everyone.

Up shot of all of this is their punishment.

The young woman had to have a tooth pulled out, (me smiling now) and the Dentist really hurt her when he removed her tooth, she cried and cried.  What I love about this Dental Practice for me is their work is very painless and they are kind.

The old lady who was trying to tell me how to behave at the Dentist and had never seen a Dentist in her life as her mouth was full of rotten teeth.  She was so afraid when the Dentist told her how much work she needed doing.  The work was not the problem it was the cost.  This upset the old woman, these people from the village are very greedy for money.  The thought of having to part with a lot money burned her. ( I smiled) Teach them to come spying on me.

Many people in this village need to be punished for their bad behaviour not only to me but many others. It will happen sooner or later.  The only way I survive is through my faith in Our Heavenly Father and another close friend of mine who came to my rescue.

You see you do not know who the Heavenly Father will choose to be your victor and when or how they will defend you.

We always have the support of Our Heavenly Father just ask and it will be given perhaps not as you expect it.

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14 thoughts on “Always Someone Better Placed

  1. IanC555 says:

    (Giggling and Cackling…which I feel I Ought not do, buhhhhht) “Justice is mine, saith The Lord.” LOL

    There are decent people, and often those sorts are found working in the healing arts like dentists are. I worked in an oral surgeons office once; full time while I kept my other job in hospice. He was a brute; bitter, angry – a bigot towards many types/sorts of people. Oddly, though, he was fair in his pricing; not greedy and did good work. Before I worked for him, I did recall that dentists, particularly, were prone to drug addition, alcohol abuse, increased rate of suicide/depression (as compared to other vocations). Why is this? It is so because so much of what they do causes pain and suffering even as they seek to heal.

    This principle may step well outside the scope of a vocation. Evil people who purposefully inflict pain. It is as you say; that is their punishment. It automatically makes their own lives cursed. It’s like it’s God’s own law that it would be so; such are blind as they walk in darkness.

    Thanks for sharing this story. I feel you! You walk in a light that makes your way clear and free from cursing others that choose darkness; leaving that all in God’s hands

    Super inspirational Nanette. 🙏. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Thanks, Ian, I never looked at Dentist being a healer, they are. The only Doctors I will go to and they are often painful experiences. This is a large practice of Dentist and they specialise in painless procedures. LOL Chuckle Giggle.

      Liked by 1 person

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