Metamorphosis Times



How do you feel about this phase in our lives?  Doesn’t seem like it is going on forever?

This is how I feel right now!

I AM Metamorphosing.  My Cocoon or Chrysalis is coming off.

The threads or bindings are being unraveled.

To reveal the new me a better version than my old self.

This is a process which unlike the Butterfly takes us many years of self evaluation and analysis to unwind the bindings which have been placed on us. Either done with our own thoughts and behaviour, our reactions to others or absorbing other’s projected negative thoughts upon us.

All the effort we make to renew and find out true self is worth every minute spent.  As it is beneficial to your life now and in the future.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Metamorphosis Times

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    Metamorphosis for a human soul is almost always painful, like birth and death, it is not an easy event..and yet, what emerges from that chrysalis over time, as you say, is the purity of the true self…worth the whole difficult, marvelous journey! You said it well.

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