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“When you wish upon a Star, Makes no difference who you are…” -Jiminy Cricket, Walt Disney’s “Pinocchio” Stars Fled From Your Eyes stars fled from your eyes and the shadow of death cast upon your face on this dark gloomy night filled with goodbyes and unending sighs of a once promising life stars […]

via One Million Stars to End Violence — michnavs

This is a most worth cause please spread peace and bring hope back into the lives of those who have suffered violence.

14 thoughts on “One Million Stars to End Violence — michnavs

  1. IanC555 says:

    Ending violence in our lives! May it always insipid the same in our whole world as we each strive to this end to violence. As many ways we can be a human being, there can be violence shed; body, mind and spirit.

    Humans are dynamic – holistic. Every thing we do reflects this. Violence hits us all through our speaking, feeling, thinking acting. If it touches us in only one way, it effects the whole of us…or others.

    Thanks Nanette! Such a good reminder!

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      • IanC555 says:

        OMG! Indeed…In-deed. I must, absolutely, remember this, Nanette! That’s why I am so grateful you posted this because it is really super important!

        Violence is un-considered in its much bigger impact and effect because the word is generally only used within a singular context; the singular inference towards physical violence.

        Too often we forget the violence we can do to the spirit, the mind and the emotions; even finance and personal integrity when the violence is from our authority at work that bully is to work dishonestly; or when we are mislead in any way which is an insidious violence that spreads through the very soul!!

        I feel so comforted by your compassion, Nanette…the courageous kind needed to touch a topic that has a word of power that describes what an evil act can do; kill dreams on so many levels…no matter who we are…it makes no difference.

        Compassion is so healing. I want to thank you for your compassion, Nanette. It is healing.

        God bless!

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          • IanC555 says:

            Considering these for ourselves might help us think, act and feel from a better standpoint. It sure takes practice. I have struggled with my human nature. It took a lot of suffering to get “sick” and tired of the battle between light and dark within as the light and dark in the world struggle to pull us . But which one lends to good feeling and survival and healthy community and world?

            I would strive towards love and healthy community; comradery and unity towards just being a good person. It can get mixed up as we try to related…but we have to be so care-full to know our own selves so we don’t get mislead.

            How this is done…we each have our own school of thought about what to focus on. From these we take our very best as we continue to learn what thAt is as we each strive to bring these out of each other amongst ourselves.

            Thanks Nenette. That’s what I got from your article. Thank you so much!

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          • Puzzles of the Soul says:

            I agree, I feel like you at times being in the middle of a fight, and who will win me it has to be the Light, Love, Soul Love it feels so good. The darkness feels heavy, sickly, migraines, chaotic.

            With this as you say we all have our own ways of dealing with it or at least we are learning how to cope with it. The more we do for ourselves the stronger we become.

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          • IanC555 says:

            You seem rather strong Nanette🌊😇☀️

            It’s a hard line to walk until we finally “Get it” and see the truth that points to humanity’s best interests.

            The darkness is in deed “sickly.” I think that is the very most perfect word for darkness and evil. “sickly.” Suffering…dis-eased.

            Hopefully as we feel this illness long enough we will finally seek the cure…in the light were we can all contribute to the wellness of all.

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