Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

We all too often become affected with negative group energy so much so we believe we must behave in the same manner.  This is false we have our own energy and we do not have to comply.


PMT is one of the biggest negative group energies throughout the world.  As I was growing up I could not comprehend why so many women were making a big production of menstruating this is just a natural part of life.  There really is not a woman who enjoys having this on a monthly basis.  A positive way to look at menstruating it is a cleansing time for a woman and sacred as her reproductive organs are cleansed for the possible reproduction of babies.  Men do not physically cleanse.

Why get so bad tempered? Irrational, Spiteful and Nasty there is absolutely no need for this.  Making everyone else suffer along with you.  There is no suffering to be had as it is natural and you are not on your own.  Working with women who have this mentality is terrible.  The men at work would say out loud “it is that time of the month”  A comment which I found to be rather low.  I must say it was not said of me.  The women who were being focused on, their behaviour was to me rather extreme and their thinking had been affected by the women’s mindset, a negative group energy.  I honestly feel that bad women use their menstruating time to be more nasty and use their monthly period as an excuse for such.

Having said all of this, before I get jumped on, there are genuine reasons for hormonal imbalances and physical abnormalities which give rise to much pain and suffering.   This I can understand and does not belong within the women’s mindset. They are medical conditions and must be treated as such.

Our Bodies Reflect Our Thinking

When I was in my mid-thirties I noticed my behaviour changing to be more aggressive around the menstruation time.  I did not like the feel of this or experiencing the energy it was attracting.  As soon as I noticed the change I put a stop to it as I did not wish to be part of the PMT Mindset.  I became calm like I always used to be and there were no future out breaks of PMT.  It was a mind over matter in my case and as could be so many other women. Women all too often behave in ways which they believe is expected of them.  I have always been an out of the box type.

Then upon reaching Menopause nothing happened one day everything just stopped was no more and I would definitely say it was due to my controlling my thinking towards PMT and women’s mindsets.  I absolutely wanted to have nothing to do with it.

At this time in my life I had started taking natural supplements to rectify some of the menstrual problems which women get.  I used Rose Oil to alleviate this and eventually it cured the problem. Rose Oil as you would believe is an Essential Oil for women and helps balance hormones and menstrual flow.  Care should be taken to NOT use Rose Oil during pregnancy as it is known to be abortive, obvious really when you think it corrects the menstrual flow and hormones. Rose Oil also is very calming and helps nutralises stress.

We do have choices.  We can follow the crowd and have a miserable time on a regular basis in life and make everyone else feel miserable or opt out to take control of our thinking and how our body reacts.  To try different natural remedies such as herbal, essential oils, and natural supplements these are safe and have no real side effects.

Take care of yourself, is your monthly behaviour just a copycat of what is expected or do you have a real medical issue which requires attention.  If it is just bad behaviour well then look to stop it be calmer and a pleasure to be around.

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20 thoughts on “Change Your Mindset

  1. michnavs says:

    I learned a very valuable lesson here Nanette as i am nearing my peri menopausal stage..i can already feel some (uncontrolable) mood swings..

    I guess i needed to change my mindset as early as today..

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  2. IanC555 says:

    Oh Bravo! I love anything that is health and wellness related. It makes me so happy that you advocate for women’s health and wellness within the area of mind, heart and spirit! YES YES YES! Fantastic!

    I work in a vocation that is 90% women. I’ve heard male nurses say what you mentioned but really rarely (thank goodness), and very few women I work with really ever bothered to mention it because they all knew what was taught us all about the physiology of reproduction is to teach women about this topic as normal; what is health and wellness, and what is not. Seems you have touched on a too often missed consideration..

    I once knew a nurse who was premenopausal, and when she started missing her regular cycle, every month she came in and would announce “this is month three…four) and then she would re-start the clock when she restarted. And this went on until finally a whole year went by…and then her announcement was “IM DONE.” We all laughed!

    LOL…humor instead of woe! OH MY GOODNESS! (Laughing at the memory).

    Thanks Nanette! GREAT article!! Fantastic the way you wrote this! Supreme!

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  3. Stevie Turner says:

    Lucky you to be able to control PMT. I was prescribed Norethisterone, which thankfully took away all the symptoms. Menopause I could deal with on my own, but PMT was a whole different ball game. Once you have had babies, the PMT becomes worse. No way could I control it simply by having calm thoughts.

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        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          I did write about those who would require medical attention for hormone imbalance. We are not all the same, but I am sure they could pass through the stress with a natural remedy much healthier with no side effects. This is my way of thinking and working on myself as I do not take drugs being a natural therapist is my life. Walk my talk. Everyone has their own ways and choices of doing things and it is to be respected.

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