What Do You Give Me?

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Long before you were born Our Heavenly Father manifests the souls and in accordance with Our Earthly Mother they try to create the best environment for your entrance to Earth this beautiful planet which was manifested by Our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes the choice of family goes awry that is down to interference from evil on the birthing of the souls.  The souls get shoved rather than gently guided to their family.

I AM your Earthly Mother I manifest the Air, Water, Earth and Fire which all require to live, grow and survive without it you would all die.

Each element is precious for your survival you cannot live without one of them though many think and believe it is possible.  You will find Fire triggers the other three and what triggers the Fire the combination of the other three.  They are heavy dependent on each other.

What do you do to look after me, help me maintain my health and luster?

A few, a very small proportion do take into consideration my health and welfare but majority of you do not.  You are a disgrace and ungrateful. You repay love and a bountiful life with hatred, disrespect, destruction, war, greed.  Greed, so much so many of you go without food so a few can eat too well.

The amount of waste is unimaginable you create for your luxurious lifestyles.

Time for minimalism in all things.  So many are overweight due to bad eating habits and gorging on unnecessary foods which in turn makes you ill if not kills you.  You then fill the My Earth with your decaying bodies and waste.  Oh of course someone else will deal with it but not you.

Again the minority who love and care for all things will deal with it but it will not be you or will it??

Time for a wake-up call a shake-up, if you do not start respecting Our Earthly Mother you will have nowhere to live.  Our Earthly Mother has the potential to self-destruct and that means everyone would go down except her.  Our Earthly Mother’s Soul would rise once again into the Divine Realms from whence she originated.

There would be no redemption, salvation every living being would be terminated.  Ascension is out of the question and does not exist anyway so forget about that.

What will you do today to make a difference for Our Earthly Mother?

©2019 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “What Do You Give Me?

  1. IanC555 says:

    This is a really wise and helpful post. For me and now that I am a little older, I do see minimalism as much more important because waste and over indulgence is an observable indicator of the presence of greed and a lacking in degree of charity and generosity!

    Love this article

    Liked by 1 person

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