Positive Affirmations – Power


How are you feeling today?

Do you need a boost, feeling a little powerless, down or under the weather?

I remind you to call on the Heavenly Father’s Holy Angel of Power to bring more inner Power to you.

Use Positive Affirmations to help “Empower”

I AM Powerful

I AM Empowered

I AM Bold

I AM Resilient

Give it a try, repeat until your energy rises within you making you feel strong, inner strength increasing.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “Positive Affirmations – Power

  1. Shiva Malekopmath says:

    Powerful Positive Affirmations are these.
    Yes you are right when you say repeat them.
    The mind and body are such if you keep repeating they will hold to them.
    There is no doubt you become Powerful with these Affirmations.
    Thanks to have shared them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. IanC555 says:

    Staying positive. I have a pretty active prayer life which is my touch stone! And from time to time, I’m reminded of this…this article being one of those times! Thank you so much for this great reminder. I mean that! Thank YOU!!!

    Liked by 3 people

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