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Cursing what is it?


It is so easy to curse yourself every day.  This is what in simple terms we call negative speaking.  When you call yourself bad names.  In a fit of temper you lash out at yourself with a flurry of expletives demeaning yourself.  This is self-cursing. Also it is affirming the negative phrases on your physical and spiritual bodies.

Do this kind of thing too often you will have others believing in your self demeaning expressions and they too will reinforce the name calling.

Cursing others

In the same way you curse yourself using bad expressions towards other people is cursing them.  You are projecting a label on them whether it be true or not.  You may not wish to curse your nearest and dearest.  If you do this a on a regular basis it becomes part of their psyche. Be mindful, kind and speak in a good way.

Unintentional Cursing of Food

So you have had a bad day and perhaps your angry with the family.  You mentally let off steam whilst cooking, umm therapeutic it is.  No it is not.  You end up projecting all that negativity into the meal you are preparing for yourself and perhaps your loved ones.  No wonder everyone feels ill after eating, no wonder everyone absorbs this negative energy you have been blasting at the food.  Then there are people who have dirty minds, disgusting thoughts all of this too gets projected into what you eat.  Would you really like to go for dinner and absorb all the bad mentality?  I certainly do not.

We say to people to be mindful of your words, thoughts and actions there are good reason for doing so.

Cooking Food Rules

When preparing and cooking you should be mindful all the time focusing on Love and filling the meal with goodness and loving energy.  If you find yourself becoming upset whilst cooking which I sometimes do as I relax whilst cooking.  I immediately change my focus and ask for the meal to be blessed removing my projected emotions.  I do not want to eat the negativity nor do I wish to share it with others.

Intentional Cursing

This is where the person cursing is fully aware of what they are doing and deliberately curse all and sundry.

Some will do rituals to curse others targeting various areas of the victims life and often the attacks can be relentless.

Some curse food they are preparing to give to others and deliberately chant or invoke demons to attach to other people.  This is how you end up with what is known as “demonic implants” you have ingested by drink or food demons and getting rid of these takes some doing.  Hence Turmeric is the ideal solution for this, it makes them run and also your tummy run too.

Why do people do this, it is beyond me but so many do in particular women.  I have  lost count on the number of times I have been poisoned through cursing or actual poisons put in my food.  I had Dysentery  for over three months and the only cure for that was to fast no drink or food for about four days for my stomach to clear.  Fasting is good for many things.  You know when you are clear as the body or stomach produces an odor it rises up through the digestive system into the mouth.  I became more aware of this odor from those who fast during Ramadan I could smell it on their breath and when my body replicated the same odor I knew I was clear. Then slowly you can introduce simple foods usually fruit such as melon and apples.

I have to mention this again about Reiki as the initiations are demonic implants where the Reiki “Master” forces the demonic spirit and energy via symbolism into the recipient.

See my post on Reiki Demons  this does not mean the Initiator or victim are evil but they are ignorant of what they are doing.  There are no work-a-rounds for the Heavenly Father’s Natural Healing.


My posts are to raise awareness with people who like myself have become confused or baffled to what the heck is going on.  You may not be aware certain people in your life really do not like you, this is what I found amongst neighbours, family and so called friends.  There are of course those who become energised from harming others, sad lot they are.

I do not claim to be an expert but from my personal experiences which have been numerous you could say I had expertise. My wish to help good people  solve or resolve the unexplained.  I have done all my recovery work with the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother for which I am grateful.  Nothing quite like having a dose of something to explain how to deal with it.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.



10 thoughts on “Curses

  1. IanC555 says:

    Wow! This is incredibly insightful and thorough! I wrote an article about Evil a few days ago, and I really wanted people to mention things they thought were evil because I didn’t mention every thing; only a few things. This would definitely qualify: Cursing! Thanks for bringing this up. This is not meant to sound flippant, but I en-courage people to look at what evil is and say it’s name…call it out or simply avoid it if you do see it; avoid engaging it.

    Thank for your work here. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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