General Update

Peace Rose

Peace Rose

Like so many and I say this earnestly as there are many devoted to changing ourselves and the Earth we live on.  As we change ourselves the ripple effect goes outward to all known and unknown environments about us.  Especially those of us who are dedicated in giving out their Soul Love to all.

The effect is not always good as those who are opposed to what is good and right become aggressive towards us so this is something to be aware of.

The good point is the power has tilted in our favour now and we are drawing together our own kind, yes our Soul Mates, your all over the world and the beauty of the internet and WordPress Our Heavenly Father will help us connect.  Soul Mate is not purely a lover or partner it is everything our friends, like-minded souls, animals, whales, dolphins, plants, mountains, oceans anything we can have an affinity with this is a Soul Mate.  We come from large Soul Groups or Communities within the Divine Myriad of Galaxies.  You are not on your own here, thought I often feel this is the case.  As soon as I drop down in my emotions Our Heavenly Father will quickly bring something or someone to lift my mood and spirit.

I am most grateful at the moment to existing connections and new ones bring me much needed thoughts of inspiration.  I do not think I am a guru or consider everything I write about is engraved in stone.  They are my beliefs at the time of writing and as we evolve to see more clearly we change our view points.  There are somethings which are impossible to change for me anyway that is Our Heavenly Father, Our Divine Mother, and Mother Earth our Earthly Mother they will be ever constant with me.

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7 thoughts on “General Update

  1. IanC555 says:

    When I say, “INDEED,” I always mean…In-Deed, this is true.” You happen to have mentioned something that is EXACTLY happening in my life. They call it “synchronicity.” Providence might also be a good word. I would wager that this is a sign, Puzzle…a quickening of some sort. Something is coming. I don’t know what it is. But I sure am glad for the comfort of a neighbor…and a fellow sojourner. No one want’s to think they are alone.

    Good one! Thanks

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