Cleansing is the way to detox


Turmeric an important spice to have

Cleansing seems to be a major factor for me at this time.  With me it is very unpleasant as I detox my body and change my diet completely.  I all too often find I do not have the food or ingredients on hand to make the right meal, therefore go without rather than take a step back.  I ran out of gas the other day so I went to a known restaurant and had a small pizza and small chips oh no! never again the results were devastating. Seriously ill all night. Now I have to re-analyze what foods I can eat which are light and easy to digest.  Looking up new recipes and no more trips to dubious restaurants with the intention of a  treat becomes a no treat, waste of time and money to end up so ill.

One spice I always have in stock at home is Turmeric, I often make Turmeric Lemonade.  Turmeric is very good for the entire body especially the Liver and other major organs. As with the pizza incident I took a quarter teaspoon Turmeric and added a little water to down it quickly. I felt so ill by the time I returned home. Turmeric is a purifier both for the body and spiritual. If you have ingested food of poor quality, bad hygiene, mixed with a little food poisoning and made with bad intent Turmeric is a must or Ginger Tea will have the same effect on purifying. Remember Turmeric is very potent so take care with the amounts you take as it flushes the system out.

Turmeric Lemonade

2 small lemons (I can only get small lemons)

1/4 tspn Turmeric

1/8 tspn Black Pepper (Black Pepper enhances the healing properties of the Turmeric and gives it an extra piquant to the taste)

Honey to sweeten.

Blend the ingredients in a a blender depending on the type you have add a little boiled water before blending and strain.  Add the mixture to a jug of boiled water and chill.  Refreshing and cleansing drink.  Last summer I drank liters of this juice my body seemed to cry out for the Turmeric Lemonade.  This summer is different so I guess my body is adjusting, healing and calming down.

Learn How to Read Yourself

Learning how to read yourself and how you react to food is very important and to know what counteractions to take in an emergency.

When you know you have an allergic reaction to certain foods why bother to eat them, because you miss having them.  Your body does not miss eating them that is for sure. You will find more and more people are changing their diets due to the intolerance of chemicals, flavourings, colourings, artificial sweeteners, mono sodium glutamate (MSG) all are poison for the body.  I have been teaching my friend here in Aswan and now he too can taste the additives in the foods which he just accepted.

We sat outside at MacDonalds as the view is good (we do not eat there) my friend described the ice cream he ate. As the ice cream melted he could taste the chemicals in it, pure chemicals he said, I know their ice cream makes me choke.

Everyone has to learn for themselves you can lead and encourage but not force them to change their ways.

I do not like to make an issue of my sensitivity to food but try to choose a dish which I can eat.  It is often difficult due to the artificial additives and now both my friend and I will say we are not eating there again as something upset our stomachs.

Your body is speaking to you telling you something in this food is making you ill and often it could be your entire diet which is making you ill.

Sugar is a big problem for everyone, greater than most people like to accept.  Sugar feeds cancer/viruses and creates a mucous or a type of fungus in the body which block the white blood cells in the body by stopping the right foods or nutrients to feed the immune system.

Take care with your diet your body is important and start listening to the ways in which it speaks to you.

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8 thoughts on “Cleansing is the way to detox

  1. simplywendi says:

    thank you so very much for posting this recipe. i have been advised to start taking turmeric w/black pepper but i don’t have the money to pay for them so this should be a great substitute! bless you!

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