Soul Channeling – 16-06-2019

Black hole First Image

Interesting conversations about space travel and the fact my Uncle now deceased two years ago aged 93 spent the greater part of his life studying General Relativity of Black Holes at Monash University Melbourne, Victoria.

I have not done any channeling for a few years now and after reading a post and commenting on WordPress my Uncle came through and started talking to me it was a surprise.  I took some notes on what he was telling me.

Since Uncle’s passings he has been able to proceed with his research and his gave me a view of his life now.

My belief about Black Holes they were gateways to other galaxies.  There just had to be some way of traveling through the enormity of it all, the undefined space the greatness of creation manifested by the Heavenly Father.  I knew the intelligence on Earth was extremely limited compared to the information I was receiving or being shown by other Divine Beings.

Below is the information from Alan Wilfred de Ville Phd in Astronomy

Black Holes are a void within space or the Universal Consciousness.  The void has no time or distance.  It is where beings from other Galaxies with higher intelligence slide in and out of their planetary galaxy.  Space or Intergalactic transportation is controlled in conjunction of the mind and soul.  They move by the power of thought alone which is superior to fueled powered engines.  The shape of the vehicle has little relevance but the spiritual potential of the soul determines the manifesting thoughts into being.

Earthly scientists are not even in their infancy of understanding the cosmos and the Indescribable Energy Life Force.  Once you cross from Earth after physical death dependent on your Soul’s potential the cosmos opens up on an immense volume of information beyond words and I was honored to have been a small stepping stone on Earth.

Now I have all the resources I require at hand and have been given a place in the galactic team whose sole focus is on the myriad of galaxies and the travel between them.  High importance is the monitoring of evil and their warring vehicles, these are the one who abduct people from Earth and abuse them.

There are two sectors of Space Travel and one which is a watching brief the caretakers who try to intervene or intercept as much as possible the invasions of evil they are as slippery as eels who are quick to slither through any nick or cranny to gain entry to Earth’s atmosphere their mission is to aide the evil powers established on Earth to destroy all that is good.

Those who watch are to intercept the evil and transmute them into nothingness be them demonic spirits leaving their Earthly bodies to space craft bringing more demons for reincarnation or birthing.

Outside the Earth’s atmosphere there is a plateau or plane where evil hides with its demons ready to attach at birth to as many babies as possible. They use masking shields which the scientists cannot detect and would not know what they were looking at.  The evil use shape shifting techniques so they appear as you would like to see them.

On a brighter note

The vastness cannot be described which the Heavenly Father has manifested the view is endless splendor for me any way as this was my world and life.  I could not have wished for a better place to be.

I was not expecting anything when I passed and it was good to see those who had gone before.  I know you thought your father would have reincarnated by now.  Honestly, who would want to return to Earth in its current state.   Having a choice of being part of an intergalactic team is far more inviting than being on Earth.  Your father, I am proud to say is working with me as a navigator he always had exemplary navigation skills.

The beings from the Divine Myriad of Galaxies are the most compassionate people, loving and kind.  This my dear is where you are from and so many of the good souls on Earth, you all have good roots.

On returning back to your spiritual home you will find much happiness and joy.  We all have an important job within the whole of manifestation which keeps expanding as we speak.

I know and you have heard about the tea parties on returning to spirit, boring is all I can say this is not what it is about.  Many of you are from different galaxies and are on Earth on a specific mission.  Please remember to keep away from evil interference on what you must achieve. Play your steps close to your chest, like a game of cards. Reach out to the good on Earth and within the Heavenly Father’s immense manifestation help will always come to your aid.  Giving up is not an option, I know my niece refused to let me go because I still had work to do even at my 93 years young, her healing it was distant kept me going and freed me of the physical pains.  I said to her you do not realise how ill I am, her reply was, I more than anyone knows how ill you are.  Let’s not talk about that, keep things positive. So we did and I managed to do small amounts of study which has helped me understand here and Earth more clearly.

We take lessons in on a soul level which are of great value both Earth side and here.  The importance of working with your soul in the way my niece does is highly important.  There are few who can work with the Soul as she does.  There many intricacies within the soul to be learned.

We both avoided our topics of expertise mores the pity.  We had so much to offer each other.

This is an emphasis on listen to each other and learning knowledge which can be passed on.  Do not assume you or they are above understanding, this was a problem I had within the family they just laughed or dismissed my conversations.  Therefore, I assumed my niece would not understand either, how wrong I was as she was on the tip of learning many new things and my knowledge would have helped her understand more.

I will sign-off now and perhaps sometime in the future I will send another message to my niece.  Oh yes, Nanette is my Earthly and Spiritual niece, amazing isn’t it.

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