White Orb UFO?

White Orb

I thought I would share one of my many rare experiences.  I have been chatting with a few others on here about UFO sightings and then I remembered so many years ago.  Gee when Noah was a boy before the arc.

At the time I was living in South America it was New Years Eve.  My friends and I went for a drive through the city to see what celebrations were going on and to wish people we knew a Happy New Year.

As we drove down a street I noticed through the rear window of the car a White Orb it was as large as the Full Moon that night so I dismissed it believing it was the moon.  We turned a corner and so did the orb it was huge and now completely in full view through the rear of window.  My friends were excited to the point of being affraid and I was not very fazed at all by it.  As always I do my analysis, still not sure if it was the moon and then I thought the moon does not turn corners nor does it follow you down the street.

An awesome experience.  When you drive around the moon becomes hidden in the scenery.

moon behind buildings

Just like in the picture above and often becomes completely hidden from view.

The White Orb on that particular evening remained unchanged and in full view no matter what street we drove down.

We kept an eye on it and then all of a sudden it was gone no trace of it in the distance and not the moon hiding anywhere.

We had the most beautiful Full Moon that evening too shone so brightly.

I can remember the energy of this particular evening and it did not feel threatening at all.  I wonder if it was relatives from my home galaxy were checking up on me or on Mother Earth at that time.  They probably thought what is our girl doing now!

I should add where I live in Egypt the Moon is always directly above where I live and this makes me feel so blessed.

Simply be you live your life simply.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All rights reserved

(Note:  because I work intensely with my Soul I am able to roll back my memories or view it again from within my Soul as if it were today.)

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