Back to normal work


Back to normal work whatever that is.

My laptop of five years had finally died been repaired about three times so done quite well.  Battery had given up and no longer has life cannot be replaced so I have new companion.  I love writing on a laptop really do not have the patience to use a phone. As a touch typist it makes all the difference and the energy flows through both hands not tapping and using a thumb, as thumb was not designed for such.

I was very grateful to Hyper computing shop in Aswan for setting up my laptop to my requirements and providing me with Turkish Coffee whilst I waited.  I like quiet and peaceful environments and their shop also provided this along with good air-conditioning.

Hopefully I will be inspired to do some writing now.  Many subjects have been floating around me but inputting with phone for me is just not happening.

It makes a big difference also in creating comments on your posts too. Can just let the thoughts flow without having to go into battle with tapping.

Laptop work

I am a happy bunny once more.  Though I enjoyed the time away from my laptop a break much needed and focusing more deeply on myself healing.  First time I did not go into panic mode when laptop failed to work.  Things going “wrong” can be blessings.

I was able to analyse and get to the bottom of hidden issues I was missing.  Talking more with the Divine about what was happening or had happened recently in my life and I was missing or not fully understanding what I was seeing and sensing.  It was like oh! it is so clear now.

Ask what you should be doing instead of sitting there feeling stuck.  Your situation is for a very good reason and the reason is usually to do with you and your own good.

Have a great day enjoy life and go with the flow.


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