What pleases me


I am going through a transitional period like so many of you.

With my laptop not working at the moment and Ramadan just finishing I have been unable to have it repaired.

I find it easier to write on my laptop but I have now forced myself to overcome this obstacle of thinking of. .’I can’t’

At this moment in time I am gaining much pleasure from your posts. They are inspiring and thought provoking. Often answering the many questions or feelings I am going through.

Some have even touched on my inner soul knowledge subjects I have been reviewing and talking to the Divine about.

I am also working on my past personal issues and amazed what comes in to view. Self forgiveness is important when dealing with yourself and others we harbour so much pain or too much pain our ego or mind holds and binds us into this unpleasant state and only with the help of the soul knowing your truth and the support of the Divine can you cut through and finish the past and painful repetitive cycles.

I have not been eating much either as I find the vibrations to do with food difficult and the suffering which is endured by those who do not have the stamina to fast and are not given the freedom of choice. The same goes at Christmas I chose to hibernate. Gluttony is a very dark energy. I keep away from the people.

The heat is a major factor 46 C the past couple of weeks. I had to have my a./c serviced this made a huge difference as we were beginning to wilt in the heat.

Work stopped on my property 😯 but life dictates and will resume quickly. I was not pleased as all was to be completed before Ramadan. This in turn has been a benefit as I have reflected and questioned many things of recent days always looking for the truth. I seemed to have got to the bottom of many issues with people and ready to talk about them from a knowledgeable position instead of one of pain.

Your post are something I look forward to throughout the day especially the discussions in the comments. I am very selective with whom I connect. When I have my laptop repaired I will be reviewing many who have liked or commented on my posts. This is easier to do on the laptop rather than my small android mobile.

I hope whatever you are doing and whereveryou are. May each day be filled with Miracles and Success topped with Blessings

Simply be you live your life simply