Donor’s Death

The Donor’s Death

Do you question or do you just go with what society accepts?

This is a serious question as to whether you accept the removal of a person’s vital organs before they have actually died.

You might believe they are on the verge of death in reality you have no idea playing God is unacceptable. Killing a person to take their vital organs for a selfish person who does not wish to die is murder under Divine Law.

Why should one person die in order another may live?

I recently read about an incident where a person could not be resuscitated and was deemed dead. When the family had an autopsy done they found the vital organs had been removed.

Can you tell me how could they resuscitate a person whom they had legally killed for their organs?

Another true incident many years ago in England. A young girl had been in a coma for a considerable length of time. Her family agreed to let her go as the hospital equipment was keeping her alive. They agreed to take the girl home to pass into spirit in her own bed and room.

Who would have believed it the next morning she sat up in bed like normal her family were overjoyed.

How do you know what’s God’s plan,?

If the girl had been killed for her organs then what?

A person is only dead when they have completely died.

Taking another’s organs is spiritually unclean you take on some of their spirit too. It is the same as blood transfusions and we all know what a horror that turned out to be.

Organ harvesting is big business.

Life and death is part of our cycle it is not a business.

Simply be you live your life simply.