Natural Healing – Self-Healing Acceptance

Self Healing - Acceptance

Natural Healing

Self-healing Acceptance and Let Go

This has to be one of the most difficult parts of self-healing is learning to work with your own soul and allowing your soul not your mind to do the healing.

Remember your soul knows what you are capable of and when you are ready to face certain aspects of your past life and perhaps present life.  I cannot stress or emphasise this enough.

Trying to deal with painful issues before you are emotionally ready is dangerous and can cause anxiety, trauma along with repetitive or cyclical negative thoughts which the mind clings to and constantly pushes to the fore.

Majority of people would rather work through their personal life and issues alone without sharing things with a complete stranger a therapist.  Therapists do not work on what is best for you but on the main pains or trauma you tell them about in your life. They can only work with based on what you tell them.

Whereas your soul works on issues or trauma when you are ready to face be them of your creation by that I mean you were responsible for the incident or other people.

Why I am not healing and closing this issue or incident?

Simple because you have not worked through all aspects of the issue there are many parts you are not seeing and perhaps you were not emotionally ready to bring closure on all the aspects of this part of your life.  The healing off of particular issues will occur when the time is right and with full understanding of what happened and importantly when you are strong enough to face it.

I am ready to deal with this.

You can say “I am ready, tell me I can take it and let’s get it finished and done with”  It will not happen as I have been there and said the same thing wanting to get rid and move on.

What again?

Why am I looking at this issue or event again?  I must have viewed it at least three times already from different angles.  When will we be done with it.  This is me talking to my soul and the Divine who are overseeing everything.

Their response I receive is,  you were not ready to accept this part of the event or pain caused to by person A.  Why they behaved as such?  What your reaction was?  Other people behind the scenes inputting and interfering with person A and then interfering with your thoughts.  Making the whole issue bigger and exploding it out of proportion.  You could not understand why your life was spinning out of control at that time.

First you just looked at the issue and you can accept the repetitive issue but there is a lot to it.  Interference you were not aware of has now come to light. Person A’s reaction to interference and your reaction to person A all come into play.

You need time to analysis and see for yourself to understand.  It is like “I had no idea all this was happening”

This is the advantage of working with your soul opposed to working with a therapist.  The soul has knowledge of everything whereas the therapist only knows what you tell them.

Can anyone work with their soul?

Simple yes.  You just have to make the effort to engage more with your soul than your mind.  It is so easy.

Want to know more on how to do this – then contact me.

Working with your soul is real empowerment.

Working on smaller issues or problems

Working on smaller issues or problems will build your confidence on clearing them you will see how quickly they just disappear forever.

How do you know your are working on a problem area?

For me working on a problem area is rather simple as I have spiritual vision and my soul shows me the scenarios again it is like a mini TV or movie I see the problem or incident replayed and then when I understand enough at a later time I will be shown different aspects I could not see what was going on behind my back or behind the scenes.

Some problems are only worth a little time to be spent on them but the serious ones take more time as you have to go through corrective counselling on behaviour and reactions.  To learn how you should have dealt with the situation better.

Working with my soul has changed my whole life

Working with my soul has changed my whole life and learning to maintain my strength and own truth in the face of others who are just mind centered.  Mind centered people do not have clear vision of life and often get messed up.  They do not like to be told by a person who is soul centered and nearly always gets things right or their view point brings truth.  This is a new area of learning in how to deal with others.

Being able to see my own environment clearly is helpful to me.  I also see others clearly too.   This is good and also upsetting as the veils on people have been lifted which means being able to see evil be them babies or adults. I find very shocking.

Be kind to yourself

Your Soul your true essence is pure kindness will not force you to do anything you are unready for.  You are your best teacher, counsellor or therapist.  All the information is within you.

Simply be you, live your life simply

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11 thoughts on “Natural Healing – Self-Healing Acceptance

  1. IanC555 says:

    Indeed! In Deed. Yes!!! Love it because we were born with the keys to our own lives…and they can unlock things for other to learn from and take joy in that…which is very very healing. Thank you so much for sharing what’s in you. It’s beautiful

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