It is your fault!


“All Your Fault” does this sound familiar to you?

I have been going through a spate of being accused it is “All Your Fault” for other people’s bad behaviour or shoddy workmanship.

I was responsible for the bad installation of my water tank which ended up over-flowing right through my home, well, yes the property was requiring a wash or cleaning but not quite the one it got.  6:30 am opened the door in my first floor apartment to find a torent of water, I always wanted my own waterfall pouring down from the roof right to the ground floor.   I waded up onto the roof to turn the water tank off, oh wonderful.  As the tank was not placed flat on the roof with a slight tilt the water kept pouring.  You know it was all my fault.  I scooped the water out of tank, but needless to say the pipe for overflowing water was pumping the water into the tank also.  What next?  The ballcock inside the water tank was not working either it did not cut off the supply of water from wherever it was coming from.

It is all your fault, if you had waited a few more days it would have been all right.

It would! I said not convinced

There was no water to test the tank, oh and that was my fault too.

Why didn’t they wait until the next day to test the tank with water?

You know it, it was my fault, because I would like to have water in my home.  Five years with little water has been really hard work and the irony of being nearly flooded out of my home is going to the other extreme.

Eventually the water stopped pouring and I cleared the mess up even though I asked for someone to do it for me, let’s not go there.

I refuse to accept any blame

I refuse to accept any blame which is not my responsibility.  If it is my fault I surely will answer and own up to it.  No big deal is it or is it.

Too many people are afraid of being honest.  So you made a mistake everyone does but be honest about it, own up to it and put things right.

Well the plumbers who made the errors came and fixed it in the afternoon, no rush why should they.

Still I was blamed for the castrophy in my home.

Tell you what!

This fault calling was one of a few lately and I absolutely refuse to accept them.  I talked until I was blue in the face and of course it is still my fault.

It is not my fault now or ever and I refuse to accept being blamed for things I have not done.

Over the years I have been blamed for many things in my life which I had no party to.

You know what!

It is your fault no longer mine and I return all the blaming, accusing words and actions back to you.  I return all the blaming.  I refuse to accept this, from the beginning of time, now and forever.

I send it all back to the guilty parties and those who are the messengers.  You can deal with it wherever you are in place and time. Take it all back and own it like you should have in the first place.  Such cowardice in being unable to own up to the truth.

I truly hope you enjoy your own guilt as I refuse to accept ownership of it.

Refuse to accept other’s guilt

You must refuse to accept other’s guilt.

Why should you suffer for things which were not your doing in the first place.

If you cannot discuss face to face to reverse this acceptance of guilt, then you must reverse the guilt spiritually to the guilty people.  Let God/Divine deal with them and so be it.

Fearful people who are afraid of the truth and yet pass the buck onto another for retribution.




Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved






3 thoughts on “It is your fault!

  1. Puzzles of the Soul says:

    The worst of it was, I was really kind and polite to the person responsible for the catastrophy in my home. Said it was a mistake everyone makes them, they do but this was on a scale to being rather big mistake. Nevertheless I was still polite did not want any acrimony.

    The person responsible even though they speak good English complained to my closest friend blaming me for all that had happened and this drove a wedge into our good relationship, because it was my friend who brought the blame to my door so to speak. I was shocked to say the least. There have been further wedges of blame placed by the same person into my closet friend and my relationship. Amazing what jealousy can do.

    Liked by 1 person

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