Murder of Crows


This photos does not capture it, nowhere near.

I stepped out onto my balcony this morning to greet the morning there were a murder or a large flock of crows circling my home.  Round and round they flew, I was in awe of them such blessings they do bring.  Many view them as harbringers of bad luck but they also swirl in new beginnings full of magic and mystery.  Encouraging us to let the past die and let it go to fly into the new future with wings unfurled.  To be carried or escorted by these wonderous birds.  They be black but catch them in the full light of the sun their wings so irridescent far from dull.

I grabbed my camera and went onto my roof to behold such Divinity, try as I may to photograph the fabulous display it was not possible they are swift in manuovering in the thermals of the sky a cloudless sky.

I am grateful for their bountious message they do bring a much needed one.

Let go I must, no more being precious time waits for none.

Trust in the Divine, Heavenly Father keep my faith in all HE is and represents.


As I said the photo does not capture the magnitude of them flying overhead.

Enjoy your days keep a watchful eye for the Divine Manifestations.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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