Little Bodkin

Little Bodkin feeling so sad sat upon the wire

Wishing to fly a littler higher

Where is Mum and Where is Dad

Poor Little Bodkin is feeling so sad


A few days ago I found a Sand Dove fledgling on the ground I tried to pick him up but his flutterings and running were too quick for me.  I let him be and prayed he would be looked after and find his family nest.

A couple of days later I say the little fellow up on the wire it was just dusk with very strong winds.  I started to sing the little song above to him.  I strong little fledgling was there a long time, I kept going out on the balcony to sing to him.

The next day I found him on the roof top wall brave and bright as could be.  Ahhh, I had to usher my girls (cats) along so they did not see.

A delightful little chap I see him round and about, makes me so happy to see him surviving ferals of the area.

It just goes to show even so small, little Bodkin was so resilient to his environment this is how we all have to be. Keep our faith in the Heavenly Father.

I love birds brings me closer to the Divine in every way.

Simply by you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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