There never was any love

Two faced people

There never was any love,

There never was any goodness,

Looking for an alley was hopeless,

I said everyone was two faced,

That my dear is the joke these people here have ten faces,

Slowly the masks fade, the fake kindness and support, all too clearly shows

How can there be any love here there are no love seeds to grow from only lies and hatred,

One by one the masks are peeled off to show the many faces,

I believed in the illusion it was one of hatred and deceit,

I so wanted to believe there was some goodness and honesty,

One by one the masks are peeled off to show their many faces,

None is a friend only money will buy gossip, lies and deception,

The eyes are spinning when they see money or the thought of receiving money,

They will be the answer to your questions give you the words you want to hear,

One by one the masks are peeled off to show their many faces,

Their memories are short they forget the words they offer to appease you,

Your memory dear is long and detailed piecing the puzzles together to find the truth,

One by one the masks are peeled off to show their many faces.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

This is how a close-knit village operates you have to be alert all the time, trust none and gather what you may from them.  Eventually the truth of each is shown as one by one their masks are removed even the ones who got closest to you in the name of friendship and caring.  See who starts turning their back when the money does not flow in their direction.  Cheap is what they are and cheap is what they be.


25 thoughts on “There never was any love

  1. Tebogo Precious Moholwa says:

    Wonderfully written. I think its a blessinh when all thr fake people start revealing themselves in your life. Knowing that those who are in your life are genuine. ❤


  2. Anna Waldherr says:

    You are clearly writing from a place of pain. Scripture, in fact, tells us the heart is deceitful (Jer. 17: 9). That you have encountered such betrayal does not, however, mean it is universal. May God watch over you. ❤


    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Thank it is a place of pain, but no betrayal has taken place, it was a hope of seeing goodness where there was none. The place I live in actually has no love at all they are all very dysfunctional. I have builders working on my property and they cannot believe the behaviour. Though it is well known in the area, I chose to dismiss the words of warning. Believing there must be some goodness. Thank you for your prayers grateful.


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