Healing the Virus 28-04-2019

Healing 1

It has been over a year since I have done any self-healing on the benign mass I have on the right breast.  I keep getting painful twinges from time to time.  My life seems to overrun the important things in my life and that is my health.

The mass was very small before I visited the Doctor here in Aswan and after he squeezed the mass to ensure he had found it.  I could find it with just a gentle touch.  After this rough treatment the mass expanded considerably to about four times the size it was and became very hard to the touch.

I have been reminded of my gift from the Divine as a Natural Healer and I was not utilising this enough especially on myself.  I lay down and did some hands on self healing working through my body.  I used to do this once a week when I was a practicing Natural Healer.

I was reminded by Holy Archangel Raphael to call upon him for healing too.  Holy Archangel Raphael is in charge of all Divine Healing and Natural Healers.  In my prayers yesterday I asked Holy Archangel Raphael to heal different parts of me and the benign mass was one of them.

I when I went to sleep last night I could see a beam of white light it matched the circumference of the mass.  The Healing Beam was like a bolt of Light and the heat from it was tremendous.  I cannot remember anything else as I drifted into a deeper sleep.  It is important to know many Divine Healings, Natural Healing are like major operations and your spirit is pulled out of your body so you no longer feeling the effects of the Natural Healing work being done.  Much better than having an anesthetic (dangerous drug) as it is often the anesthetic which kills as many do not recover from the effects of the drug.

It was only just now I gave this a thought and the mass has reduced to a quarter of the size it was and is softer to touch.  I am so grateful to Holy Archangel Raphael and the Divine and more importantly our Heavenly Father for granting permission for my healing.

This is just another aspect of Natural Healing which is my gift from our Heavenly Father and I am to utilise/offer this gift of Natural Healing to others as guided by our Heavenly Father.  I feel very honoured and humble at the fact to be chosen to aid other good people.

Simply be you, live your life simply

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6 thoughts on “Healing the Virus 28-04-2019

  1. Shell. Dowling says:

    So true we are all endowed with gifts from Creator and we should not ever take them for granted, or stop giving thanks for them. We have the ability to heal from within, faith, trust and belief, 3 small words, but carry a powerful “punch”.

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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Thank you, I also work with Jesus or Lord Yeshua for Natural Healing and Exorcism as he is a master Exorcist, there are many Master Healers and I was asked by the Divine to work with Holy Archangel Raphael for this healing. I have a diverse ability to Naturally Heal with so many Divine Subjects not just one.


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