The Fine Line


Again inspired by Debby

The shoreline of our mind where the good and not so good words meet in our mind,

I always feel akin to the sea or ocean it gives off so much energy, tremendous healing energy.

Our Shoreline of words as in the photo above creates a ripple effect with in our life.  Dependent on the emotions we hold at the time as to the outcome of the day.   Our Shoreline has much influence on our state of being.  It can be the beginning of a good day or a sad day.  Our thoughts reflect our emotions out.  It is easier to project negative thoughts or not so good words than it is to project positive ones.

Why?  Life on Our Mother Earth has a tendency to lean to the negative rather than the positive.

It is important for us to put effort into words and actions of goodness and positivity to make our reality good.

We walk a fine line between what is good and evil.  So easy to slip or trip into darkness.  All it takes is too much negative influence and entrapment to make you turn the wrong way.  Being resilient takes courage and strength the keep going even when under extreme pressure.  You must keep going and surging forward.  The option to be dragged down and drown in negativity should be refused.

Look at your thoughts, emotions, actions keep them in check.  Being swilled down a drain-pipe is not the way to go.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

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