The Arable View


The arable land next to the River Nile.  This is the view of the River Nile, fabulous blue along with the sky.

The land is owned by and can be bought from the Government and the people who use the land have no real understanding of farming.  They only grow animal feed and cut one sack a day.  They flood the fields with water which the Government is not happy about as it is wasting water. The soil is good quality and could produce a great deal of food to be sold at the Aswan Market/Souq.


There is a constant flow of Cruiseships Sailing past daily bringing in the tourists.

kobanya 2

As you can see the crop is just animal feed.

kobanya 3

I have produced these photos as Katie of

was interested to know if where I lived was just pure desert with no plant life.  As you can see there is plenty of arable land it most of it is next to the River Nile.

Great progress is being made altering the exterior of the property much needed changes.

Simply be you, live your life simply.



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