Continuing Changes


Progress is being made very quickly on enforcing the wall security on the property boundaries.  The top layer of the front wall was done in a day.

I am so impressed with the workmen they give 100%.  The morning starts with breakfast and they have tea breaks and lunch.  They work continuously and really do not like their photos taking as it interrupts with their flow of work.


The walls are being built very high to keep the dogs, riffraff, and creatures out.  As you can see from the above photo there is the old wall which was built by the original builders, what a rip off they were.  As the men moved along the prepared route for the new wall.  The old wall collapsed beneath them, thanks to God/Divine/Heavenly Father they were not seriously hurt a few bruises and grazes.  They stopped work to visit the hospital to make sure nothing had been broken.


Collapsed wall photo was taken directly after their fall.  I was so shocked to see this and grateful the accident was not serious.


There they are back to work the next day and securing the base for the new build of the wall.


Fully completed in one day ready to start the new section of the wall.  These men are very professional in the job and they find time to look after me as well when I return from food shopping the youngest one comes and carries it all back to my home.

White Bricks are the new specification for building in Egypt, not my choice but rules are rules.  When finished they are clad with cement and painted.  They used to build with mud bricks.  The mud bricks crumble and break easily.

This is a good example of Egyptian Building at its best.  I definitely have no complaints. They even fixed a blocked drain without asking them to do so, just did it.

The whole experience has been good for my girls (cats) they used to be terrified when people came to our home. Now they both enjoy watching from a distance.  The workmen really love them too.

I enjoy writing about positive things and positive people this is what life should be about. Only good people work so hard and give their best.  Surround yourself with goodness, good people make a huge difference to the environment. Peaceful, calm and tranquil filled with respect.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved 

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