Working with Holy Angels Calmness and Tranquility


Working constantly with the Divine Manifestor is very important to me and now having been introduced to working with Holy Angels.  Holy Angels are very different from what you would call Angels as there are so many Fallen Angels posing or assuming the identity of the Holy Angels.  Take care on what you invoke or call upon.

Recently have been undergoing an extreme attack from evil on a physical level it has been daily.  I have no understanding of this person and her children at all.  I am their sole focus.  Personally I could not be bothered, believe me evil can be bothered as they have to appease their master Satan lord of darkness.  How a mother can teach her children to be evil is beyond me also.  If a child goes astray of their own doing so be it, but to be taught evil behaviour by the one who should set an example of goodness and kindness is just pure evil.

I handed it all over to the Divine to deal with and ignoring their nonsense.  I have called in Holy Angels of Calmness to calm my mind as it just seemed to spin out of control.


The Holy Angels of Tranquility I called upon them too.  I asked them to fill me with calm and tranquility.  They have done a good job I feel so calm and tranquil today and I am able to write for the first time in a while.

This has forced my body to cleanse the anxiety and negative energy being projected at me.  I have no need to store this energy and it must go.  Therefore, my body knows well how to cleanse itself.  The lower energies and thought forms are stored in the lower abdomen and this means a dose of diarrhea.  I do not feel sick which is the sign of cleansing, just the discomfort of having to run to the toilet.

Our Heavenly Father and Our Mother Earth are urging us all to call upon the Holy Angels to aid us with our daily lives.  To clear out unwanted issues and strengthen our physical and spiritual beings.

Sometimes we cannot do it all by ourselves we have to have help and some of the best help to be found is angelic.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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