Why Healing Does Not Work?

Natural Healing

Why Natural Healing Does Not Work.

Natural healing or any other form alternative therapy does not work for many reasons.

The main reason being the Divine did not give permission for the healing to be given.  Natural Healers who are good Souls can only give healing to other good Souls.  You should know before starting the healing session if you should be working on the client or not.  Strong intuitive or audio communication will be given to the healer advising them whether or not to continue or book time with a person.  There are also guideline from the Confederation of Healing Organisations on what is not permissible.  Certain contagious diseases are not to be given healing due to the risk for the healer.

After Healing is Given.

Many clients feel really good after a healing session they can see great improvements in their health or physical abilities.

So why does the healing stop working?

The healing stops working due to the lifestyle of the client.  E.g. the client is very keen gardener it is their hobby but they have some bad habits in how they lift or move objects and plants about.  Even digging the ground over may cause the strains, pains, pull muscles, back ache, discs moving slightly out of line.

The client has to review their methods and change some of the bad habits which are creating the stress within their body.  If they have no interest in changing their ways of working the healing will be undone and the body will resume the aches and pains which have been built up over time before the initial healing.

A change of diet can be required for other clients to improve and maintain a good health along with steady improvements.  Diet can often be the result of internal inflammation especially people who eat a lot of sugar. Those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis the inflamation eventually shows up on the skin and what is visible is on the skin is nothing compared to what it is like internally.

There is always something which must be undertaken by the client as well as receiving the healing.

Changes are inevitable.


Simply be you, live your life simply

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