Types of Psychic Attack

Good Vs Evil

There is a fine line between Good and Evil and you can see how both sides evolve.  Good evolves through goodness and Evil evolves in evilness.  People often talk of Old Souls and I ask did they evolve in Goodness or Evil as both sides have old souls or beings in the case of evil.

Psychic Attacks

If you are spiritually aware you will be able to feel the attacks or sense them interfering directly with your life, health, finance, family and just about anything you can think of going wrong.  You have given control of your life to evil it means evil has found ways of harming important parts of your life and they will expand into the peripheral regions of your life.  Evil people and demons go to great lengths to harm good souls/humans.  You can end up being bound and tied without the ability to stop it.

Then some people are unaware, like myself when I was 16 years old I had no idea people in my family were doing this to me.  Just my life turned upside down and becoming chaotic always in cycles felt like I was in a bubble with no escape no matter how I tried.

Can they harm your soul?

If you are not volunteering to be a participant with evil’s desires then they cannot harm your soul it is protected by the Divine.  They can harm your body, health, finances, family life, relationships, work, pets you name it they will do it there is no bottom to their evil pit. Death is the ultimate for their victims.

Good v Evil

Some evil practitioners, witches, sorcerers, wizards work alone and they have a one to one attack regime.  Many are paid by people to attack innocents through jealousy, hatred, bitterness, spite, to try and destroy the person’s entire life, not just a small part they go full hog for the lot bit by bit you will come unstuck.

Good V Evil 2

You will get Covens as they are known which is a group of evil practitioners and they will focus on one person. Depending on how skillful they are the results will be very damaging to the receiver.

Good V Evil 3

This would be a large evil coven or group of evil practitioners they will have members who have differing skill sets and their focus perhaps full-time or part-time will be harming innocent people, the planet, the environment, assisting wars on both sides. They have no scruples, shame or remorse purely satisfied with chaos and destruction they create.  Golden Dawn is well-known in the UK with past members such as Alistair Crowley and Winston Churchill.

Protection is essential

Imperative to do protective prayers including all your nearest and dearest plus pets.   Take a look at the prayers I use and have them as a starting point for your own.  Change/modify them to meet your requirements of ways of thinking.

Self Defense Through Prayer

See Free Prayers on Blog


Prayer – Self Defense Through Prayer Re Post

Under the Tab Prayer you will find numerous prayers which may help you at least give you an idea on how to write your own prayers if you are stuck for words.  I know I was at first, exhausted from psychic attacks many years ago and waited over two weeks for a book to help me.  This was my starting point and gradually I wrote my own as some of the content of the book did not sit very well with me.

If I can write my own prayers then so can you.

Stand up be resilient, find the courage, get rid of the fear as this is holding you back and making you a victim and easy prey for evil.

Are All Psychic Attacks from Professionals?

No, some of the worst attacks come from people who dabble with the dark arts and jealous people their energy is like a poisonous knife as they constantly wishing harm on their victim(s).  Control freaks who enjoy overlording other people their energy is very harmful more like a psychic vampire they suck your energy and leave you drained.  Like my neighbour who gets satisfaction in damaging my property and this is coming to an end.  Playing with the Ouija Board, it is not for fun and you can seriously bring from the spirit world Astral Plane some evil demons and they will wreck your life getting rid of these monsters is a difficult task.

Psychic Attack and Demon Removal

I offer a service free of charge for the first removal but if you do not protect yourself, the chances are you will be attacked again.  I have experienced this myself in the beginning using weak protection prayers, symbols, talismans, visualisation.

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Simply be you, live your life simply

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