What Bad Really is?

Keep to the Good Path

What Bad Really is?

It is simple, bad is a lesser evil.  Oh did I use the “E” word the one most people are afraid of.  Aha, this is what evil wants, you to be afraid of it.  You will not become stronger by being afraid or ignoring evil.  You are empowering the evil by doing so, siding with evil and eventually you will become one of them.  Evil likes to hide behind the good on this Earth.

Society likes us to accept them by telling us not to be judgemental.  If we have no way of determining the kind of people we encounter, how can we protect ourselves, impossible I think.  This is just what evil wants to go about harming innocent and good people.  Those who agree with this attitude of not assessing others in order to protect ourselves are part of the evil team.  They support evil whilst purporting to be good and advocates for the Divine wearing a mask to hide their true identity, a pit of writhing snakes.

Evil people like to plot and plan, to gnaw away constantly trying to break your resilience in other words make you weak.  It can be very exhausting to deal with them constantly.  This is why you have to work 100% on cleansing, releasing, keeping your home cleansed and the most important increase spiritual protection.  Remember to include your family, friends and pets, as evil will target all of them to bring you down and anyone else in your family who has a high spiritual potential.

If you require help please contact me.  I have battled for a good many years building up my resilience to evil.

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